Blogging from A to Z

So there I was… flicking through my Emails, when I saw this email from the lovely Cat’s Blog over at Cat’s Yellow Days , about the ‘Blogging from  A to Z Challenge’ …

And I thought..

Hey! This is exactly what I need right now to kick my blogging butt into action this month.  So here we go..

Day 1: (today) blog about something, ANYTHING you like to do with the Letter A. Tomorrow, do Letter B, and so on and so forth for the whole month.

Because I’m a bit slow at catching on to this whole thang, I present to you… A Blog post! Yes, this very post you are reading right now is my first entry.

I know you’re thinking……. Cheat, cop-out, Lazy Cow. But that’s ok – we have an understanding. I’m cool with that.

Anyhoo – this is my A Post. Tomorrow I shall be Brilliant, Bold, Beautiful, Busty & Brave and Bash out a Blog Post Beginning with a B (did you see what I did there? I’m so bloody clever sometimes)

I know you’re looking forward to it. Make cookies, bring tea and I promise not to Bore You with my Blogging.

Mwah x

8 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z

  1. Alana

    imo, if you posted, you didn’t cop out! Welcome to the challenge. This is my second year and it was well worth the effort last year!

    Alana @
    Found you through A to Z!

  2. viveka

    Great post and … good luck with the challenge .. I think we all need that. Like what I see here .. so I will be around. Viveka from Sweden.

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