Camping, Curry and Making your Soul Happy – #littleloves

So, we spent the last week and a bit camping in Cornwall. We were so excited to pack up the car, set off to the campsite and envisaged long, summer days – bodyboarding on the beach and drinking cocktails as the sun went down.  The reality was something quite different.  It RAINED. NEARLY.EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

Not just a bit of rain, it actually stormed, thunder & lightning on 2 days and we woke up one morning with our clothes literally swimming around us in ankle deep water. Not cool.  We packed up a day early and literally couldn’t wait to get home to our dry, comfy beds. Holiday fail.  Anyway – post to follow on what we did actually get up to while dodging the torrential rain!

The #littleloves linky forced us to find some happiness from the week and I came up with these – Enjoy!


Mercy – Jodi Picoult – available on Amazon*

I found a book stall at a local market which was selling all of their new books for just £2 each.  Bargain! I picked up this Jodi Picoult book ‘Mercy’ and finished it in just under 2 days.  The story follows the court case of a man who killed his wife at her request because she was dying of cancer. A ‘Mercy Killing’ – it was a brilliant read and I even choked back a few tears at how she describes the relationship of these 2 people.  A good read, literally couldn’t put it down!


Wi-Fi on the campsite was limited but we managed to stream Netflix and a few YouTube video’s including our faves – The Michalaks.  This couple deserve so many more subscribers – they make London life look so flipping cool and their edit’s are AMAZING! I’ve even got Dave hooked on watching their weekly vlog every Sunday.  Boom.




Because of the glorious weather we just lived in our hoodies all week. I wish I was typing bikini’s right now.. but hoodies it is.  At least we paired our sunglasses with them so it looked semi-hot.


I know, I know – I must have been living under a rock.  This song was released in February and I’ve only just added it to my playlist.  I love it.  I’m pretty much loving a lot of Meghan Trainor at the moment.


Bit of a cheat.. I didn’t actually make this.  Niamh did.  She whipped this up one night over our little gas stove in the rain and she vlogged it too – Video Below 🙂 IMG_5143

And lastly..


Holidays always give you time to sort of reflect on life don’t they – the hustle and bustle of every day all sort of rolls into one and is what we call ‘Life’.  It can be exhausting.  I find this time of year stupidly overwhelming – running a business with 3 kids home in the summer holidays is no walk in the park.

Especially as the girls are older now, they aren’t entertained by things like softplay, park trips or half an hour smushing playdough into everything.  Their needs change and in turn, so do mine.  It all takes a little adjusting, a little tweaking and most days I feel like I’m never doing anything right.

Tonight I sat on my bed and forced myself to finish this blog post without getting up to do anything else.  I’ve been interrupted countless times but I’ve still refused to get up.  I’m not going anywhere until it’s written, tagged, categorised and scheduled for ButWhyMummyWhy’s linky in the morning.  I love to write, to take photo’s, to reflect on things we’ve done – I need to do this for me, it makes my soul smile.

Hope you’ve had a great week lovelies,

Kerry x



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5 thoughts on “Camping, Curry and Making your Soul Happy – #littleloves

  1. Louisa

    I’m sorry that your holiday was a literal wash out. Niamh’s curry looks lovely. I’ve only been camping once but when I did I lived off pot noodles and didn’t eat any proper food!
    It can be hard to find the time to blog sometimes can’t it? I understand what you mean about the distractions but it’s great when you do. The chance to write down and record your memories is wonderful x

  2. @SarahAnneDG

    Oh no, I’m sorry to hear your holiday was a bit of a wash-out. Our last camping holiday was a bit of a wet one too (though no tent floods…how did you cope?!), and it’s so disappointing. Sounds like you made the best of it though. I loved your “and finally” – it’s so important to do something that makes you happy.


  3. Morgana @ butwhymummywhy

    Sorry that your holiday was so wet, the weather has truly been awful hasn’t it? Hope you managed to make some good memories in spite of it though.
    I love The Michelaks even though I am a few weeks behind at the moment. I’ll be having a big catch up when we get home next week.
    I’m struggling to find the time to blog over the holidays and Little Loves is about all I can commit to. I do love making the time for it though as it does give you that chance to reflect and find the good stuff.

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