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10 awesome things for Teen Girls under £10


Recently I’ve been half-heartedly shoving a lot of £10 notes into birthday cards as gifts for the girls friends.  We’re literally writing cards in the car and sticking a crumpled tenner inside the envelope on they way to birthday parties.  In fact, yesterday, Shanah wrote in the card –

‘Dear Becca, Happy Birthday, Sorry about my really bad handwriting but I’m writing this in a really bumpy car. Hope you have a good day, Love Shan xx’

Serious bad friend skills. That was the turning point.

I asked Tayla (13) to give me a list of her favourite brands and we whipped up 10 awesome things for Teen Girls all for under a tenner. Some of these would be great paired up if you wanted to splash a little more cash too.

teen edition 180815

1. Starbucks Watercolour Cold Cup – £ 9.95

Teens are obsessed with Starbucks.  Whether they’ve been there or not. We usually buy the cheapie version of these in Primark for around £3, but as a gift with a few milkshake / hot choc treats included, this could be the perfect teen gift.  The Cold Cup’s double wall construction helps keep beverages cold while eliminating condensation and it comes with a green reusable straw. Bonus.

2. ‘All by my Selfie’ Crop Top  – £ 6.99

My girls are all into the crop top phase.  This little beauty in ‘The BEST colour ever Mom!’ would make a fab prezzie with a box of choccies or a couple of bath bombs. Sorted.

3. Nail Wraps – £ 1.99

Great little addition to a couple of Barry M nail polishes! 20 feathers on a clear water transfer which can be applied over any colour varnish on either your natural or false nail.  Also, handmade in England – Thanks Etsy!

4.  Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin Curves Mascara – £ 6.99

Tayla is the Mascara Queen in this house and perfects every single lash, pumping it to it’s absolute max.  She loves this stuff and squeals when I buy it for her. Who am I kidding – I love it too. Big, curvy, rockin’ lashes… yes puh-lease!

5. Jack Wills Boldshaw speaker – £ 9.50

No wires, pocket egg-shaped speaker – designed to amplify sounds from your phone or iPod.  This is just plain fab – lots of cool factor around your mates with this one.  (My girls will cringe at reading my phrase ‘cool factor’ – I’m so not cool)

6. Lush Greased Lightning Spot Treatment – £ 6.40

Ok.. so I know this isn’t exactly a gift… but teenage girls dig ANYTHING from Lush.  It would probably best be given to your own daughter as opposed to one of her mates who may never speak to them again if they thought they were spotalicious.  Grease Lightning is a powerful combination of ingredients that will nip any breakouts in the bud without upsetting the skin around them, best used as a preventative of course 🙂

7. Bag of Happiness – £ 5

Being a teenager is tough sometimes. There’s lots of peer pressure and with girls… LOTS. OF. DRAMA.  Sometimes they all need a little pick-me-up and this little bag of happiness is just the thing at just a Fiver.  Such a sweeeet little gift, containing:

A plaster to heal you when you hurt, a love heart so you know someone loves you, string to hold it together in tough times, a rubber to erase those little mistakes you make, a diamond to bring a sparkle to your eye, a marble for when you start losing yours, a lucky bean so you always have luck on your side, a coin so you are never completely broke, a star to wish all your wishes upon, a paperclip so you are always organised, and a kiss for when you are feeling down.

Eeeeekkk! So much of CUTE!

8. YouTube Logo necklace – £ 4.00

This is one of my absolute favourites in this round-up.  Teens are YOUTUBE CRAY-CRAY man… they use it for everything and aspire to be like so many ‘cool’ YouTubers they watch. In my house, YouTube is a positive thing – we use it for chilling, learning about stuff, homework, all sorts. This necklace is awesome. AND it’s handmade in Britain. Thanks Etsy.

9. The Wet Brush Detangling Hair Brush, Pink * – £ 7.26

Move over Tangle Teezer… we have a LOT of hair in this house.  Thick, unruly, curly hair and this brush is the ONLY brush that glides through it effortlessly with no screaming or tears.  It’s changed our life. For reals.

10.  Happy Jackson Snack boxes – £ 9.95

When you’re a teen, taking lunch to school is NOT cool. It just isn’t. It’s the absolute bane of my life trying to get these girls to take something besides crisps and chocolate bars. Mainly because they’re embarrassed to haul a large, trough-sized lunch box out of their bag at lunchtime.  These little boxes have come to the rescue – so funky and we fill ours with popcorn, fruit, oatcakes, nuts, yoghurt, pasta. Everything. They’re fab quality and I just love ’em.  They also feed my OCD because they all stack inside each other like a little Russian dolly. Whoop!

So.. which one is your favourite item for teen girls? Feeling inspired to stock up on a few bits? Yup. Me too.

Happy Shopping!

*Disclaimer – Prices and availability correct as at 18th August 2015 – This is NOT a sponsored post, just a roundup of little things I love at fab prices! Only affiliate link is marked with a star. *

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10 Things Every Blogger NEEDS for Xmas.. and Forever.

10 Things I could NOT live without whilst on this blogging journey of mine. If you fancy buying one of your blogging buddies a gift or two, I would recommend any of the following. Muchly.

1) An awesome notebook – you will need to write down blog idea’s while you shop, cook, fetch kids, change nappies, take trains, go to the loo – wherever, you NEED a notebook!

I have one just like this

2) A good Pen – how cute is this?? I found it HERE

I really WANT this pen

3) A Camera. I Heart my Photo’s so much. I have this Sony A230 camera and i just love it.

4) A really nice Coffee / Tea Cup.. you’ll need to keep yourself fueled while writing all this fabulousness you know! Here’s mine. I love it because it has a lid. I know.

5) A space. Be it in your car (seriously… I’ve hidden in the car to blog before) A desk with an upright chair… or my personal fave…

Find a Blog Space!

 6) Snacks. I.Like.This…

Some other bloggers… we won’t mention any NAMES… prefer biscuits.. Whatever floats your boat. Or BLOATS YOUR FLOAT in this case. You will need Snacks to stay inspired. End.Of.Story

7) My Smartphone. Not a necessity I know, but Hell It makes blogging/tweeting/googling so much easier, and I get things done in the 5 minutes I’m waiting outside school, or waiting for the bank to open, or on trains… you get my drift. My Life is in my phone.

 8) Yeah… Nom Nom… You have no idea how much inspiration can come from a glass or two of this…


Inspiration MUCH!! you need something to write about??? Search ANYTHING on Pinterest and you will be blog inspired.  Just today I found THESE FABULOUS FREE RETRO FONTS to use. It’s ok, you can thank me later.

10)  An alarm clock. An Alarm Clock???

Blog Land is soooooooo easy to fall prey to for HOURS and HOURS every day. Be disciplined, set yourself a time limit 🙂

So, those are all Bloggy essentials I Need & Love, do you have any-more to add to the list?

10 Things about Me

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me:

*Warning… Some of these are weird. That is All*

1) I hate wearing colours. My wardrobe consists of black, brown, grey, some more black, bit of white, some more black….erm… that’s it.  I feel stupid in colours. Like I’m wearing a pub carpet. Plus….. BIG Plus. Black makes you thinner. Seriously.

2) I always read the back of the sugar packets in coffee shops. I don’t think this applies in the UK. However, Hulett’s sugar in SA, has little sachets, with positive sayings on the back of them.  However, I do not leave my fortune to fate alone. Oh no.. I scratch around until I find one I like and then pretend I was meant to pick that one up. They say things like: ‘Outside Noisy, Inside Empty’. hmmm….

3) I once stole a bottle of wine from my Dad & then spent 3 hours running around every bottle store in town trying to replace it.  So… we were desperate.  We downed his bottle of 2005 Cab….Do you think I could find that exact bottle ANYWHERE?? If you are thinking No.. you would be correct. 2006 – yes! 2007 – yes! 2008 – yes!

2005 – not a chance.

Great.. now what? After my major run round and with only 15 minutes to spare until he came home, I grabbed the 2006 bottle & carefully put it back, covered it up a bit with the Bible -(god save my soul) and hoped and prayed like hell he wouldn’t notice.  He didn’t. Although if he works out how to read my blog he’ll know now. Sorry Dad – I am your favourite child remember? (*wait for evil comment from sister on this one*)

4) Sometimes I feed my kids Beans on Toast for supper & convince them it’s healthy because it contains 4 essential food groups..
Bread – Carbs
Butter – Fats
Beans – Beans & Lentils group – oh crap, I can’t think what it’s called. Legumes??
Cheese – Protein

Sometimes I even chuck them an apple to include the ‘Fruit & Veg’ group. The worst part? I don’t feel guilty doing it. Such a bad mom.

5) On very rare occasions when I see someone I don’t want to talk to in the shops, I flip my phone open and natter away to NOBODY, just so I don’t have to talk to them.
Ok. That’s a bad one. But you know when you just feel so yuk, everything’s gone wrong that day, & you can’t remember if you even brushed your teeth that morning? ok.. you definitely never brushed your teeth… AND you’re wearing your jeans that your kid puked on 3 days ago… In the distance you spot your funky, single, childless friend from school, ultra-thin, ultra-gorgeous, ultra-manicured, ultra-not stressed and you think …

‘Sh*t. I cannot talk to this person’

Out comes the ‘flip up phone and talk to no-one’ technique. Smile & Wave girls, Smile & Wave.

6) If I’m sad I blast out SAD SAD songs, sing along loudly & badly, chunk my heart out, do the UGLY cry, and feel SO much better afterwards!

7) This one is SO embarrassing….. whenever I eat something yummy, I HAVE to say ‘delicious’ after I’ve eaten it. Even in Company.. I’ll cough it under my breath. I. Am. So. Weird.

8) I NEVER ever have Nookie with my socks on . Never. That’s just gross.

9) I make LOADS of lists and hardly accomplish anything on them. Or leave them behind when needed. I feel very efficient for making this practical list, but usually just shut my notebook and never look at it again. Probably why I never seem to finish anything. hmmmm…..

10) I really want to bungy jump.. Back when I was running my tour company in South Africa, we used to take people to the highest bungy jump in the world – 216m! Thats kak far. I won’t do it because…….

I am scared I will lose my feet. Yes. My feet.

I have a fear they will just snap off and be left in the loops on the bungy cord while I go crashing into the river below.. Footless. Yes. I am weird.

Ok… Make me feel like I still have friends then… SHARE something with me that I don’t know about you 🙂