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Hello 2018

Two years.

Two years since I sat down and wrote a blog post here. Why has it taken so long? I have no idea. I suppose you get out of the habit of posting and as one of the worlds biggest procrastinators I kept thinking it would take me hours to search out my login details when in reality it literally took 30 seconds on an email search for ‘Blog Login Details’. *insert rolling eye emoji please*

I could sit and tell you all about my life over the last 2 years in one blog post, but I honestly don’t know where I’d begin. And I think the stories will come out throughout the course of this year in one way or another.  It’ll be like a little time travel of sorts, so stick with me.

I haven’t come here with anything particularly profound to say or because of a New Years resolution. (Happy New Year to you all by the way) I’ve just come here because the little voice in my head that says ‘Stop thinking about it, just get off your arse and f***ing do it’ has actually won the day.  She’s a persistent little bugger and I love her stubbornness and strong will. Also, blogging is good for my soul.


So here I am. I took the first leap. And now I think I’ve broken the 2 year thick ice, I can start coming here without explanation and just share my shizz with you.

If anyone’s actually reading this, my loyal blog reading friend…. I freaking love you.

*Side note, on going to hit Publish my internet went down for an hour… I still came back and made sure this went live though. This whole New Year, New Me thing is exhilarating isn’t it… boom*

A change is gonna come..

kez_online_rebrandI’ve been planning to rebrand for YEARS. I’ve been dabbling and faffing and listening to others and reading LOTS of articles about whether or not to rebrand… But it’s time.  My blog has evolved from little people parenting to teen/tween parenting, social media & bits of stuff I love.  And that’s the plan.  It’s me. Kez. And I’m online.  I’ll write about all sorts of stuff I love and sometimes I’ll video it too.  If you’ve been here since the start, thanks for sticking with me, I luff you! If you’re new – welcome to this little piece of chaos, Kez Online.  Bear with me while I sort all the techie stuff, I’m sorting it bit by bit and soon this space will be filled with awesome.

Thanks for stopping by, Kez x

Blogging. The Effing honest truth.

Last weekend I attended the Blog on Cymru conference in Wales. It was just over the bridge for me and so awesome to have a conference closer to home than London Town. When I saw the lovely Boy and Me shouting all about it on Facebook I knew if she was involved that it would be pretty awesome so I took the plunge and bought a ticket.

My blogging has sort of expanded to vlogging and as a Social Media Manager I work within Social Media everyday so since I’ve been doing this such a long time, I was unsure as to what more there was to learn.

For me, it was great to meet up with fellow bloggers – Viv from 76 Sunflowers, Ali from Over A Cuppa ( who literally gave me her cuppa on the train as I was dying of thirstation!) Karin from Embrace Happy , Ojo from Ojosworld and Jenny from Mummy Mishaps. It’s always great to just natter away to people about blogging, social stuff, SEO, stats and not to have people look at you as if you’ve completely flipped your lid.

As far as the first session goes – Working with Brands – it was interesting to hear people’s viewpoints on this from both sides of the fence. Listening to the kind of things brands look for in a blog was good, go CHECK YOUR ABOUT ME page! Mine is about 2 years out-dated. Ugh.

*Bitching alert* Ok…  I heard the term ‘Mummy Blogger’ being thrown around a bit and I for one cringe every time – I know there are lots of awesome Mummy Bloggers in Blog land and I sort of am one of those I suppose but I see my blog as a brand in itself. My YouTube channel as a brand… My humour and writing as a brand. I do worry that the term Mummy Blogger gives a generalisation to bloggers of my age or in the same circumstances as me when really we are Writers, Content Creators, Photographers, Marketing Guru’s, BLOGGERS of all sorts of things!  This is perhaps why I have shyed away from attending blogging conferences like Britmums for the last couple of years. The sponsors / chats / networks are very focused on Mum & Baby brands and I’m way past that stage. I’m not a fashion blogger or even a foodie expert so just where the hell do I fit in?

Lifestyle? This too is a broad term as I think that serving up nuggets, chips and beans to 3 arguing teens/tweens who are mainly worried about how ‘high’ their hair can be and how short their ties can be, on top of working a job and running a house on a budget is hardly a ‘Lifestyle’ kind of blog.

Parent Blogger? Yes I blog about my kids and food and organisational stuff, but I also blog about stuff that’s just ME, like photography and work stuff and brain cancer.

Maybe there isn’t a genre I really fit into. To be honest, I’m struggling to edit my About page.

“Hi, I’m Kerry. This is a blog about whatever the F*ck pops into my head, I’ll blog whenever I feel like it.  Sometimes I’ll vlog about it too. I’m obsessed with Social Media Marketing. I don’t really give a sh*t about blog stats as I’ve got a busy life to live. However, I have an awesome community of readers who love to comment and read the stuff I write. I LOVE to write. I love to make people laugh. I love to read awesome stuff.  I have 3 girls who I love to death. They love to moan and whine and shout and love and laugh and dance and ride ponies. They’re pretty freaking awesome. I have a gorgeous fiancee who puts up with more crap than he should in a house full of girls. If you like a bit of this and a bit of that with some pretty good photo’s dotted around the place then please, for the love of God, stick around. “

It’s not going to draw readers or brands in is it? But that’s how I feel. This is my space – I don’t want to have to conform to bashing out 300 words with 5 links to promote something, or watch my language because I have a large following of non-blasphemers. (Love you guys) I don’t like reading bad language on a blog, I love the English language too much for that, so if I feel I have to use it, I always *star* it out. Like this. Oh sh*t. You get the gist.

Anyhoo back to the conference –  I got the chance to play with my camera during Capture by Lucy’s awesome photography workshop. I could’ve listened to that woman talk all day. In actual fact, I can because I just found out she does Podcasts so I’m downloading them to listen to this week. That woman knows her STUFF man. Cake boards as reflectors for light? AWESOME.

IMG_0136 (1)


Yip. Love that stuff.

Overall I had a really fun day, it was nice to do something for me and to just relax and soak it all in. But I think I’m going to stick to bashing the posts out when they come to me. When I feel like it. And hope that I’ve put enough thought and energy into them that when you see them pop up into your blog roll that you’re excited to open it and read it as a little treat.

If you love YouTube, I filmed the day too – check this out 🙂

Happy Monday dudes!

Kerry x

Love the Little Things – Hozier, Slippers & Bad Girls!

A few of my favourites – #littleloves from around the web this week!


Gondwana Game Reserve
{Credit: Drizzle and Dip}


Gondwana Game Reserve
{Credit: Drizzle and Dip}

This post on the Gondwana Game Reserve on the Garden Route in South Africa by Drizzle & Dip made me SUPER homesick. It’s my old stomping ground from when we ran our tour company and we actually used to take our guests quad biking on a neighbouring farm. If you watch the video on their website it really captures the true essence of Africa. Aaaaahhhh – too amazing!


My friend took me to see this production of Bad Girls at a local theatre on Thursday – it was AMAZING! One of the main characters was a teacher in our school, so we were shocked to the core when she started thrusting up against a police officer in one of the opening scenes – lol! She insists it’s all an act.. yeah yeah. 🙂


I’ve literally been living in these slippers I got at the Next outlet. #JeansAndSlippersSundays dudes.



I stumbled across this song by accident. I was searching for music to add to my Work playlist and this came up in the top 100 songs in the world at the moment – the whole album is so flipping good! Definitely downloading this.


little loves - crafts - made

I really haven’t made much at all recently. However these amazing ribbons arrived into our stock at work and I LOVE them. Make Amazing Things dudes. Make Amazing Things.

and lastly..

My darling girls performed in their first dance show – themed ‘Halloween’, it was so good and I was so flipping proud of them. Here they are performing Highway to Hell .. ha! I was filming it off the dvd on the laptop so the quality isn’t great but you get the jist.


Linking up as always to the sexy ButWhyMummyWhy – check out more #littleloves by clicking the badge below.

little things
Click Here

What have you loved this week?

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EFF you Brain Tumours – This time last year

What was happening this time last year? THIS. And it sucked. It still sucks… 

*Update* Dad was operated on just before Christmas and spent double the time in theatre than we expected, 6.5 hours in total.  When he came round he was unable to move his entire right hand side but had managed to retain his full memory and speech – hallelujah! They had managed to remove most of the tumour and suggested radiotherapy to remove the rest. After 3 weeks in hospital, blood clots to his legs and lungs and sheer determination he hobbled out of the hospital, forcing himself to walk again. 

This past year has been insane for him… After an intense shot of radiation in April which was a pretty horrific procedure, he still has limited movement on the right side and has been given a stick to help him walk which he HATES. He says he feels like the Pope hobbling around with that thing.. 🙂 He has now been diagnosed with an enlarged heart too and will go for his next MRI on Friday. We’re crossing everything possible, hoping that his scan comes back showing this bastard tumour has stayed the same size. 

Last week he asked my brother, sister and I if we’d like to go on a cruise to have some Dad/Kid time, we leave next Saturday for 3 nights and I’m SO excited we have this opportunity to spend time together – I honestly didn’t think it would be possible this time last year.

My Dad is the bravest, coolest, strongest, most stubborn guy I know and I’m so proud that he is my Dad 🙂

What were you up to this time last year?

31 October Writing Prompts
Linking up to Mama Kat {Photo Credit}

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Sexy Mama Kat!

Photo Credit :

Mama Kat is one of my all time favourite bloggers/youtubers/people on the planet. This chick loves her cocktails, her kids and her humour will KILL you. Literally KILL you. She’s whipped up 31 writing prompts for October and I’m joining in with her on this cocktail-fuelled journey of fun. 

Today’s prompt is: ‘This time last year…’ Keep an eye out for my 2nd blog post of the day (Shock, Horror!) due to go live in a couple of hours. 
Psssst…. Go over and read all about Mama Kat HERE, Subscribe to her on YouTube HERE 🙂 
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Sunday Faves – Free Education, Homegrown Veg & Love to Admire

Every Sunday I’ll be sharing some of my favourite posts from around blogland. Kind of like a mini-pinterest board of my favourite reads from the past week. Sometimes things can get so crazy here online and you can literally have 1000 blog posts thrown at you every single day… So I’m narrowing my favourite few down for you to pick and choose from. Enjoy! 

Ok… I tried the ‘Live Well, Spend Zero’ challenge – I failed miserably by the 2nd day… it’s easier said than done BUT I do think it’s a fantastic idea and I’ve been inspired to TRY and watch what we spend.  Check out 50 cool things to learn that won’t cost a thing…  Number 24 had me addicted!!

Image Credit: Living Well Spending Less

Soulemama is a Canadian, home-schooling, fun-loving, home-growing Mama of 5 and I have loved her blog since I first started blogging all those years ago. Can you believe she grew all this food herself? I love her little piece of the internet.. it’s calming and super inspiring.

@SouleMama - In the Garden... all homegrown... what a lovely life!

Image Credit –

Samantha from HappilyAHousewife is seriously going to think I’m stalking her…. BUT this woman is flipping amazing and organizing and planning and just being a mom. I love her YouTube channel, I love her blog.. she’s just ace. Check out this post on Lunchbox Essentials… fab tips here dudes – muffin cases to seperate things? Genius.

Lunchbox Essentials - great post by Samantha at @HappilyAHousewife
Image Credit –

Lastly, if you’ve followed me here for a few years you’ll know about my love for Meg Duerksen. She and her hubby recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary and this is what she had to say..

he is my best friend and he lets me know i am his.
he is so funny and he makes me feel like i am VERY funny.
he is patient, considerate and thorough.
he is the hardest worker.
he’s helpful & grateful.
he takes care of me and his family like an expert.
i am so proud to be his wife… i can’t believe i am so lucky.
He didn’t leave when he could have.
he has always been right here.
*this bit got me……… simple, honest, true! 
thank you mr. duerksen.
for making twenty years feel like a cake walk.
i love you.
I really hope I’m writing similar words in 15 years time 🙂

So those were my favourite posts this week – please share yours with me in the comments, I’d love to check them out! 

Thanks for stopping by,
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Cocktail Lovin’ – Celebrating 5 years blogging with Glenfiddich & #cbias !

This month marks my 5 year Anniversary of blogging. FIVE years of Waffling people.


So…. what better way to celebrate than with some Cocktail Lovin’ !! As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias, I whipped up these 2 Summer Cocktail coolers – perfect in this scorching heat 🙂

So first up!

Summer Berry Cocktail


  • Dash of Grenadine
  • 1 TBSP Chambord (Black Raspberry Liqueur)
  • 35ml Glenfiddich Whisky
  • 2 tsp Lemon Juice
  • 1 TBSP Apple Sauce 
  • Crushed Ice


  • 1 tsp Apple Sauce & a few summer berries
  • 1 Digestive Biscuit

 ( I bought all of my ingredients at my local Morrison’s – check out my Google + Post on that HERE )

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the Beautifulness of this bottle?! EEEKKKK!! I’m keeping it for EVAH. Hoarder.

Chuck everything into a cocktail shaker, (Soda Stream bottle) including the ice, and give it a good shake. 
Sieve & Pour into a glass over crushed ice, then sprinkle with a teaspoon of apple sauce and a digestive biscuit and …. Ta-Daaa! Summer Berry Crumble Cocktail! 

Next up… a Cocktail with a Kick!

Summer Spiced Haze

First up we need to make a syrup.

Syrup Ingredients: 

  • 2 Rhubarb Stalks
  • 3 slices of ginger
  • 2 TBSP Honey

Gently cook the ingredients over a low – medium heat until the rhubarb becomes a pulp. ( 15 mins or so ) Taste and add more honey if necessary, it should be spicy but sweet flavoured! Strain and leave to cool in the fridge before using in your cocktail.

Cocktail Ingredients: 
  • 2 tsp Lemon Juice
  • 25 ml Glenfiddich Whisky
  • Ginger Ale
  • Rhubarb, ginger & honey syrup
  • A handful of berries
  • Crushed Ice
  • Orange slice and mint to garnish

Pour all of the cocktail ingredients into a cocktail shaker – except for the Ginger ale.
Give it a good Shake. Here we go…. SHAKE IT BABY, SHAKE IT! 

Strain and pour over crushed ice, add a berry or two and VOILA!! A spicy, summery cooler!

And so …. it would be absolutely rude of me not to share a drinkie-poo with you, my lovely readers. I have learnt so much blogging in this space (and others) over the last 5 years, have made firm friends and have had a total blast doing so. 
THANK YOU for continuing to visit my piece of the Interwebz. 
You all ROCK my socks. 
Kerry xx

London Town

I’m off to London Town for the weekend. I {HEART} London and all of it’s deliciousness.

I’ll be attending Britmums Live – The most Uber Awesome blogging conference of the year, and on Saturday, I’ll be up on the stage babbling on about Pinterest – if you’re there, pop over and say Howdy!

Last night I threw a total fit INSIDE my tiny wardrobe. I H.A.T.E all of my clothes. I’m too fat / short / tall / wide / dorky for most of my clothes and let’s not even START on the boobage issue.

So, instead of being practical and matching outfits, I decided to sit on my butt and browse Pinterest. If I had thought about this 3 weeks earlier like an organised person, I would’ve definitely ordered these….

London Skyline leggings – what’s not to love??

And these… Eeeekkk!! London Toms!! Yes pleeeeaaasseee!!!!!!!

Instead, I’ll be squished into a tshirt that is FAR too small, and some wobbly uncomfortable blue shoes. Look out for me – I won’t be hard to miss!

If you’re there – tweet me @thelovebump
Follow me on Pinterest and PIN with me too! (All of these images are on my Britmums Live board!)
I may even throw in a Live Vlog or two 🙂 
Have a FAB weekend ya’ll! 

Britmums Live: I’m Going AND I’m babbling!

Yip… I’m babbling at Britmums Live. There I am. On the speakers list. Along with all of the cool people. I am NOT cool. Never have been, Never will be. God help me.

I will be the nervous, wildly hand gesturing, babbling one on the Pinterest discussion panel. I may even have vodka in my bag.

I made it a goal last year to be up on the stage somewhere this year, rambling on about Pinterest and how our PinAddicts challenge has changed the WORLD. And here we are…. on the stage people. Eeek!

So here goes with the officialness stuff:

Name: Kerry aka The Lovebump

Blog: My Lovebumps & PinAddicts Challenge

Twitter ID: @thelovebump

Height: 165cm. No idea in Feet…. 5.6 ish?

Hair: Dark Brown, hint of badly dyed red, balding. (I wish I was joking on the last one)

Is this your first blogging conference?

Nope, I attended Britmums last year and a couple of others too!

Are you attending both days?

Yip! Look out for me along with Maggy and Emma on the Pinterest Sesh**

What are you most looking forward to at Britmums 2013?

The speakers! The bloggers! The naked waiters! The Cake!
Oh, and this time… I booked accommodation, no more 3 hour train trips in the middle of the night for me! Can I get a whoop whoop?!

What are you wearing?

NO idea! *scribbles on list – find something AWESOME to wear*

What do you hope to gain from Britmums Live 2013?

A couple ‘o pounds from the cake eating. Seriously….. I learnt an UBER amount of stuff last year…. I buzzed for about 3 weeks off the back of it. There is SO much to learn! Read my summary of last year’s event HERE – ‘Breathing Life into Blogging’

Tell us one thing about you that not everyone knows!

Erm… I had 3 children by the time I was 21…. Nope, I haven’t appeared on Jeremy Kyle. *yet*

 Last year, I vlogged my introduction in 2 parts – if you wanna ‘chat’ with me, here goes!

Part 1

Part 2

Are you going to Britmums? Let me know in the comments!

Later dudes x