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Dragging them through the Daff’s – #CountryKids

Getting teens out into the fresh air WITH THEIR PARENTS is a pretty daunting task. It’s tricky. It takes bribery. And pleading. All of your dignity is pretty much thrown out the window.

Once they actually agree to coming out with you for the day (Go you) they may or may not proceed to stomp around with a face of thunder for most of the time you are out, depending on their hormonal spike that day. That hour. That second.

We live pretty close to the amazing city of Bath so we decided to drag them up to Victoria Park for a round of mini-golf and walk through the park.  Yip we bribed them with MacDonalds. But that came much later and was actually a total rip-off. Not even worthy of a picture.

Oh how I love thee Bath…


The park itself is situated right in the city centre, although you would never know.. it’s absolutely stunning! It boasts a HUGE children’s adventure playground, crazy golf, tennis courts, skate park, botanical gardens and loads of park space.  In the summer we go to watch the outdoor cinema here too. It really is a gorgeous place to spend the day.

It was raining a little bit the day we went but we still pressed on, moody teen in play too.  The crazy golf was pretty busy and we were quite competitive with each other from the first hole. Ha!


I think Dave won in the end, although our scoring system was pretty upside-down. Shan did really well and came in close second 🙂  After golf we took a walk through the daff’s. At this point the teens crossed the road because posing in Daffodil’s is JUST SO CHEESY AND EMBARRASSING MOM!

IMG_1088 IMG_1095

I did manage to snap this pic of Tayla though, I caught her unaware and I absolutely love it. It’s good in black and white too and I’ve ordered a print of it much to her disgust.



We had a fab day in the end and I even managed to get a pic of all 3 of them together for the first time in yonks.  Still little girls at heart 🙂

IMG_1136How have you been enjoying this gorgeous sunshine? Read more outdoorsy stuff with kids over on #CountryKids by clicking the badge below.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Thanks for stopping by, have an AWESOME weekend,

Kerry x


Canal Stomping – #CountryKids

A few weeks ago we set off to a local canal to have a welly stomp. The weather’s been so flipping cold so we haven’t got out as much as we’d hoped. I need to learn the art of layering  – my African blood can’t warm up in the cold! Anyhoo, we took the 2 younger ones and had a couple of hours discovering the barges, the eccentric but lovely people who live here and even found a heron or 2.


What chu’ lookin’ at guuuurrrlll? Lol.IMG_1249

Although I couldn’t live on the river in such a confined space, I admire the people who do. It seems a pretty simple life. Almost everyone has a bicycle stowed on top of their barge and this one even had a Christmas Tree 🙂 IMG_1245

The girls found this old rope swing to have a go on, it snapped. I wished I’d filmed it. << Horrible mother alert.IMG_1244

This bbq was connected up by various wires to the gas thing. Improvisation people. Improvisation.IMG_1242


My story-telling heart wants to believe this is a veggie patch on top of their house in the summertime. So we’re going with veggie patch and not random chunks of weeds and grass.


Shan’s at this stage now – the Chinese pose stage. E.V.E.R.Y photo I take of her has the ‘peace and pout.’IMG_1238

The Grey Hare was the Creme da le Creme of the boats we found, a lovely albeit eccentric man came over to tell us about her. I filmed him secretly but can’t find the footage, I’ll blog it as soon as I do because his story was so interesting and I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. 
IMG_1237 IMG_1236A cafe on the river? Yes… a full-on teashop with indoor and outdoor seating. We didn’t have any cash on us but will definitely be returning for tea and cake!
IMG_1235 IMG_1230

I absolutely love this – ‘Life’s too short, Eat Pudding 1st’ – this was made for me! IMG_1226 IMG_1224I have no idea where she gets this photography obsession from 😉 How cute is that little tripod??

I loved how this little girl was sat for ages just talking away to the swans. Oh the sweet innocence 🙂 IMG_1219


And that was our walk! We sort of stumbled across this by accident by searching local short walks in our area online, it was such a lovely couple of hours out in the fresh air and didn’t cost a penny, even the car park was free. Hurrah!

Where have you been galavanting recently?

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Happy Weekend dudes,

Kerry x

Geocaching Adventure! #CountryKids

Have you heard of Geocaching? Its AWESOME for older kids, well kids and adults of all ages really. I’ve seen people talking about it on various blogs and things so we downloaded the free app (search Geocaching in the App store) and straightaway 8 geocaches within 2 miles of our house came up! So we headed off up the hill to find our ‘treasure’ 🙂 

Of course we had to stop and cuddle the pony along the way.. Shan looks terrified here but she really wasn’t – lol!

The view was stunning from behind our house.. I love the clouds in this pic – thankfully they weren’t rain clouds and it was super warm the whole time we were out!

The app acts like a GPS compass, so you follow it just like you would a Sat Nav.  It’s FAB..!

After 10 minutes of searching every nook and cranny in the ‘hot spot’ Tayla spotted this with her bionic eye…

I know… it looks like nothing… but if you look very closely in the middle of the pic there’s a black, shiny object – super well camouflaged into the tree trunk!

This cache was called ‘The Rat Run’ and so we found this friendly (thankfully plastic) little rat.. and a tube with a log inside it.. Some caches have little gifts you can take and replace with something else too..

There we are – The BUTTS family……….. 🙂 It’s just a nickname, thank the lord not our real name!

Super fat dorky selfie with said rat…

We carried on up the White Horse hill with the smell of the burger van encouraging us to keep going and came across this clay (kaolin?) mine.. pretty cool – the pic doesn’t do it justice for just how huge it is!

The paragliders and handgliders were all out as it was perfect conditions for them to fly – we got chatting to some of them whilst wolfing down a huge burger at the top of the hill and they even offered to take the girls out one day. Over my dead body!!!!!!!! haha! Those things are too unpredictable man – Tayla said she wouldn’t go because she was worried a bird would fly into her and rip her contraption to pieces… lol! She is So her mother’s child.

What outdoor activities have you been getting up to now that the weather is so delicious? Link up your posts to the #CountryKids linky below – huge inspiration over here people!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Is it a Country Thang?

For me, Carnival marks the start of Winter. It’s the first evening event which we wrap up warm and head off up to the town to watch the annual Carnival.
My camera decided to get sick as soon as we headed out the door. So some of the pics are fuzzy as fuzz. Like this one.

And this one. but hey ho – enjoy the splash of colour dudes!

Who you gonna call?

I was stone cold sober here. Promise.

There’s something about the old kilts bag-pipes that makes me shed a tear. Every Time.

Check the size of that WHEEL!

This float was right up my street… I’m a 60’s hippie at heart. I’m sure of it.

This float freaked me the FLIP out… I do NOT do clowns… So I took a few steps back and zoomed in for this shot.

Now Alice in Wonderland? That I do.

Check out Tweedle-Dum .. or is that Tweedle-Dee?

A ginger pirate. Pretty much sums up Carnival for you.

How happy does the chick/dude in the pink wig look? BWAHAHA! I think he’d had enough.

It was a pretty cool evening… it made us dig out our winter wardrobe and stroll around in the chilly night air. It was Good.
I think I enjoyed it more than the kids.

Do you have Carnivals in your town? Is it just a country Thang?

I’m linking this up to the lovely #CountryKids linky over on the Coombe Mill blog. Go check ’em out!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

A Cheesy Day Out

A few weeks ago we headed out to the Frome Cheese Show for a wander with some friends and allllll our kids.
My friend is SUCH a cow. 
Eeeekkk! *runs for cover*

One of my clients is Russian Dolly crazy – this stall would have been total heaven for her. The COLOUR melts my heart!

Not much longer and she will be too big for up on the shoulders. Slooowww down with the growing up thing Shan!

The view from up here is pretty amazing though.. Check out these stunt bikers.. That was HIGH HIGH up!!

We stumbled across this Brass Band – something about this makes me all emotional. It’s probably from watching the film, Brassed Off, one too many times. There’s a sweet clip of this little girl conducting in my short video at the end of this post.

And THEN. I found my car. I sat in every seat. Played with every button & smelt every inch of leather while no-one was looking.

Even Shan got a look-in…. Dave, Mommy WANTS this car for Christmas Okay?!

These hunting dogs were fascinating. We caught them nearly at the end of their display but you can see a couple of seconds in the video clip at the end of this post too! And if THATS not a grey day in England then I don’t know what is!

Of course Welly’s were an essential for some much needed puddle splashing.

Mmmmm… nom nom…. get in my bellllyyyyyy!!!!

If we can’t have a Range Rover, we’d probably be quite happy with one of these. I can see myself tractoring to school every day. YEAH!

Or a quad bike? I went quad biking in South-Africa – and I LOVED it. Need. Want. Love.

The sheer joy on these farmers faces watching a guy demonstrate this machine operated cow milking device had me in stitches. Pure appreciation here!

An Eco car. Very cool! But very pricey… Wowza’s!

My Sipho found herself this fabulous, 1-seater little bubble car.
Who needs parking spaces with this baby? You could totally park in the trolley bay with the trollies! Ha!

Now THIS was a cool idea… you can hire this bar for functions! They come and set it up in a big field (or venue of your choice) and it comes fully equipped as a pub with indoor seating, staff, lights, music, the works! Very very cool.

Of course I had to do a taste test. It would be rude not to.

We picked up some olives from the olive dude – olives, garlic and sundried tomato’s… NOM!

And of course my FAVOURITE cheese was on sale at less than half price. I could have bought 20 of these but as I’m on a HUGE diet, I only bought one. Go me.

All in all a fun day out with lots to see and do – plenty to keep the kiddo’s entertained too!
Ps…. If you also love  Ewan McGregor  the film, Brassed Off, you’ll love this quick clip 🙂

I’m linking this up with the lovely Coombe Mill Country Kids. Check out more posts via her linky on the blog or search #CountryKids on Twitter! 
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
Happy Friday ya’ll!