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Rolling round the Haybales with the kiddo’s – #CountryKids

We’re lucky to live just below one of the White Horse parks in the UK. We venture up here pretty often to visit the horses, watch the paragliders or even Geocache.
One evening last week it was pretty warm so we decided to walk off our dinner and venture up the hill to the haybales. In our onesies. As you do.

Besties 🙂

The kids will be mortified that I’ve put them on the blog in their pj’s..haha! It was a fun hour spent watching the sun set and playing in the fields. Good stuff ya’ know? Good stuff.

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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So we went AWOL for a while………

This is why…

We spent the last week at the gorgeous Trewan Hall campsite in Cornwall. I was a virgin camper so I was pretty nervous about the trip but I’m totally converted…. we had SUCH a fab time bodyboarding, swimming, bbqing, reading, playing and just zoning out from the real world for a while.

I’m editing all of our footage from the week so I’ll upload it into a vlog on my YouTube Channel this week – my only regret? That we didn’t book it for 2 weeks!

Have you been away this summer? Where did you go? What did you see? 🙂

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Delish Melting Moments – Get the Recipe here!

I’m not a terrific baker.  In fact – almost every cake I make ends up like a pancake. I’m flooded with ‘it’s the thought that counts’ comments and plea’s from my children to buy their birthday cakes instead of attempt to make them year after year.
So when Parragon Books sent me this delicious looking book to try out – I thought I was totally stuffed.
Now the book? The book part I can do – I love to read and the layout of this book was FAB. Check out the little cookie markers on the right hand side dividing the sections of the book? TOO.SWEET.

Shanah and I pored over the pages and decided these sweet little Melting Moments would be perfect to dunk in our tea, so we braved the unknown and set out baking them.

The recipe was actually really easy, pretty fool-proof and the biscuits are so moreish with a shortbread taste. 

So far, so good!

We picked up a cheapie piping bag from the pound shop…… FAIL. It only gave us 3 swirly biscuits before it tore to pieces…. so we just dolloped them on the tray in the end.

They were absolutely delicious with a perfect shortbread taste and perfect for filling up the biscuit jar!

The book also boasts more scrummy treats such as: 

  • Pinata cookies – these are next on my list – Cookies filled with smarties? Yes please!
  • Rainbow Slice cookies – these babies look heavenly – perfect for rainbow loving peeps!
  • Jam Rings, Ginger nuts and Peanut Butter bookies are all included in the classic favourites

And Loads more! The photographs are beautiful, the instructions are clear and the book combines old favourites with new ‘pinterest-looking’ cookies to try. I’d highly recommend popping this book on your Amazon Wish List or buying it for a friend – it’s a keeper! 
So, What are your favourite cookie recipes?

*I was sent a copy of the Make, Bake, Cookies recipe book for purpose of review by Parragon Books. I received no compensation and all thoughts are 100% my own and as always, I provide an honest review*

Meal Planning Monday – 26/05/14 – Half Term!

Monday: The Pioneer Woman’s Lasagne – this is the BEST lasagne recipe ever. Like EVER.


Tuesday: Lentil & Mince Bolognese. Recipe from Utterly Scrummy’s blog – delish and we’ll have it tonight with pasta and tomorrow on Jacket potatoes
Wednesday: Lentil & Mince Bolognese on Jacket Potatoes with Salad
Thursday: Clean Eating Slow-Cooker Tortilla Stew from The Gracious Pantry blog.  I’m working on Thursday so this will be easy enough to chuck in the slow cooker before I go or even the night before – I’ll pop it into the fridge and then plug it in before I leave for work to cook slowly for 8-10 hours. Delicious!
Clean Eating Tortilla Chicken Stew

Friday: Chicken and Coke Casserole – I’ve posted my recipe for this HERE on the blog before – the kids love this and we just dollop it over basmati rice. Yum Yum Yum.
What are you cooking up this half-term week?
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Meal Planning Monday

Let’s go to the Beach ‘Each

The Beach.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until the day I die… the beach is my Happy Place. 
I never realised that until I moved to England after growing up right by the beach my whole life. 
And now I miss it. Every single day. So … during the Easter hols we bundled Shan and the boys into the car and headed off to Boscombe near Bournemouth.  A quick stop at the South African shop on the way for our favourite treats and we were all set for the day. 
And what a BEAUT of a day it was… Warm and peaceful and pretty quiet down there for school hols .. just perfect! 

That’s my Ciate nail polish – new summer love!

Dave is a true camper at heart and decided that in order to get through the day he needed man stuff. Like a gas burner and a coffee pot. True camping nerd.

The boys played a bit of frisbee, stupidly funny as there was a breeze blowing so they were running all over the place.  It was at this point that I fell asleep snoring face down in the sand.  Slight embarrassment to the teenagers. Just slight.

Cherry Fizz Pops… a childhood fave of mine and now thanks to the Saffa shop, a childhood fave of my kids too 🙂

 How grown up are these guys now? 16 & 13… Total madness!

Princess Shanah decided she needed a throne to which her humble servants (us) could serve her grapes…

Coffee and a fondant fancy on the beach? How civilised… Don’t mind if I do. 🙂

Where is your happy place?

Thanks for reading,
Ciao Mein

Bend it Like… Tayla

This girl o’ mine.
She LIVES to move. 
She moves Constantly. All Day. All Night. 
Flipping & Stretching and Gymnasticking helps her use up her energy. She can be found most days in the garden doing this…

And this..
She NEVER gives up until she’s done the flip she wants to master.

This particular day she had an audience… who thought her flips were AWESOME. 
Too cute.

And because I am THAT Mom…. (Sorry Tay)…

This is the perfect front handspring? Backspring? Forward flip? 
I’m lost with the names. I just shut my eyes while she’s flipping. Or hide behind the camera. 

I think a trampoline is definitely our next investment.
Do your sprogs flip? How do they use up their energy? Chat with me in the comments. 
Bring Cake 🙂

Pinned It, Made It!

I’m a sucker for Hoop Art… When I saw these babies on Pinterest, I just knew I had to try one..

 All you need is a hoop, some fabric scraps, a piece of plain fabric for the backing & some embroidery thread.  I just roughly drew a triangle template for the bunting, cut out a few pieces, pinned them onto the fabric and then stitched them on.. It took me about 2 hours… but you would be a LOT quicker if you knew how to use a sewing machine.. ha!

This child radiates happiness all day long. And she creates RAD hairstyles… She asked me to take a pic of her latest creation and I begged her to pose with my hoop in exchange. Child briber.

Looks cool huh?

Have YOU heard of the Pinterest challenge? Recreate something (ANYthing) you have found on Pinterest, blog about it then link it up to our monthly linky to spread the pinning love and stand a chance of winning a cool crafty prize 🙂

Ps… the PinAddicts site has an amazing new design thanks to the FABULOUS Mammasaurus. Check it out HERE and let us know what you think!

PinAddicts Challenge

Happy Pinning dudes!

Can my hair Rust Mom???

This child totally cracks me up… She is literally IN.HER.OWN.WORLD.
She entertains herself, lives life at her own pace and comes up with some of the weirdest stuff.
Yesterday, she walked into the kitchen after not muttering One Word after school and says…
“Mom…. Can my hair rust?”
Me: “Of course not Shan, why do you ask”
Shan: “Just wondering if that’s why some people have red hair” 
Shrugs.Walks off.
For Real.
Later, in the shower, she beckons me with her foghorn of a voice (BIG voice, small child)
” If you lie does your hair fall out? ” 
Me: Eish. “Erm…  yes, yes it does” 
Her: “Ha! That’s why all of your hair just fell on the ground because you’re lying about lying!” 
For real.
Sometimes I wish I was in  her little world – it sounds like an exciting place to be.
What stuff do your sprogs come up with? Lemme know in the comments so I don’t fear I am the only one with a weird child. 
Ps… I’m still Vlogging every day in June! Click HERE to see the craziness.
K x

A Little Piece of Africa: Easy, Delicious Bran Muffins

And so begins the first post in my new little series… A Little Piece of Africa 🙂 I originally hail from South Africa, Cape-Town to be exact and I am passionate about it’s culture, food, wine, beautiful scenery, weather and awesome people.  Dave & I used to run a tour company out there so I have LOTS to share with you!

Starting with this…… Delicious Bran Muffins… Easy peasy and SCRUMMY too. I have no idea why they are considered S/African, but they are FULL of fibre and Great for breakfast, snacks, kids lunches – you name it… they Never last long around here 🙂

 I literally put ALL of those optional extra’s into the mix. You just mix the whole lot together in a big bowl…

If you chuck in all the ‘Optionals’ you’ll have enough for about 18 muffins

Perfect with a cuppa in the morning, or wrapped up for the kiddo’s lunches, or for midnight munchies 🙂

psssttt!! Wanna know a secret? This mix NEVER makes it to the fridge…. we ALWAYS bake the whole lot and eat the whole lot. Nom Nom 🙂

If you decide to give them a go, post a pic on my Facebook page – I’d love to seeeee! Also, let me know what type of ‘Africa’ posts you would love to read about – I’ve got stacks to tell you!

Happy Thursday all!