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These are the good old days… #Littleloves

What better way to launch back into blogging for good than to join up with Morgana’s lovely linky: ‘Little Loves’ – it’s the perfect Catch-up-with-me post. So here are some of my Little Loves from this past week:


These are the good old days.  I saw this online this week and the words struck a chord with me.  So often we are rushing around doing day-to-day stuff that we forget to notice the present.  There’s a whole wave of ‘mindfulness’ and soul-searching happening in the world at the moment as people come to realise this more and more.  I’m printing this baby out for the wall.

good old days


McDonalds France has created this amazing video – turning people into emoji’s.  I’m an emoji lover and this video filled me with happiness. Ha!


I’m a 90’s chick.  When I spotted this CD in POUNDLAND of all places I couldn’t resist the urge to buy it for my car.  I spend a lot of time taxi-ing the girls about so they will be THRILLED to get swap Alanis Morisette for these legendary tunes.  🙂 ‘The Sign’, ‘Sweets for my Sweet’, ‘Saturday Night’ …. awww yeah!



Slight cheat… I haven’t actually made anything out of these…….. yet. But I spotted these in Lidl at 99p for 3 and the stationery geek in me squealed with joy!   I’m planning to make lots. Or just stare at them all day. They’re full of happy aren’t they?



Again, another slight cheat… I ‘wore’ this Snapchat filter and cracked a laugh from my moody teen (yip, that’s her in the background… oh I am wearing her new scarf too… so double whammy) Oh snapchat I heart you.  Add me if you’re a snapper! Kerry1231


And Lastly..

Not to keep banging on about it.. but yes, I’ve had a slight tweak to this blog.  I’ve had mixed reactions to the change… people seemed to like ‘The Lovebump’ so I’m having little panics that I’ve made the wrong choice.  I just felt my readers and potential new readers didn’t really know the meaning of Lovebump and assumed me to be pregnant or porn. Ha! Kez Online encompasses everything in my world from kids to food to fitness to entrepreneurship to travel to social media to fun… all the stuff in my life.  I know people don’t like change, heck I’m the biggest culprit of that, but this is a positive one… stick with me here.

Have a great week my lovelies!

Kez x

Be Brilliant Everyday, Sweet Roses, SO much Cheese – #littleloves

I’m jumping back on the blogging bandwagon with #littleloves after taking a month off. Yes a whole month. I don’t think that’s really acceptable in blogland but I needed the time out to just sort stuff out. I’ve been sticking to my exercise and healthy eating and I know that’s made me cope with stress so much better.  I’m so loving the warm days and long, light evenings – they lift my spirits and motivate me so much more than soggy old grey rain. So here’s what I’ve been loving this last week – my #littleloves



Slight cheat as I haven’t actually read this yet. Dave attended a meeting in London and they gave everyone in the company this book to read. It comes highly recommended on Amazon boasting 4.5 stars and I’m excited to sink my teeth into it this weekend.


I’ve been watching this for the last couple of weeks. There really are some heart-breaking stories in this world – I’m so grateful I can provide the basics for my kids, when so many parents just can’t, whether due to emotional, financial or drug / alcohol related issues. This program shows not all parents are raging drug addicts, some simply can’t cope and the foster parent system comes in as a saving grace for these children.  It’s a good show, go watch it 🙂



My spinning leggings. Ha! You won’t lose me in these babies.  I’ve so been enjoying my new exercise regime (coming from a girl who was literally STUCK to the sofa!!) I treated myself to these leggings when I dropped a dress size. BOOM.


Dave and I hit the local car boot sale and this song came on the radio while we were driving. I absolutely Love Love Love it and have been blaring it while working this week. You’ll be surprised how many Milky Chance songs you may know if you look them up, I honestly thought I’d never heard of them before. Lol.



With the warm summer evenings finally gracing us with their presence, I haven’t felt much like slaving over a hot stove.  So we’ve been treating ourselves to snacky dinners a couple of nights a week. Nom Nom Nom.

And Lastly


My friend and I went walking on Monday night with Shan. She collected all of the flowers on the side of the road and made me this beautiful posy. It only lasted 2 days but the smell of that rose was just unbelievable. I got 100 sniffs out of that baby at least.  Small things folks, small things.

Because when you stop and look around this life is pretty amazing.


Linking up to the awesome ButWhyMummyWhy with #littleloves this week – go check out her post on Working from Home – it struck a chord with me for sure! Have a great week my lovelies.

Kerry x




Skinny Jeans, Bake Fail & Pink Parcel lovin’ – #littleloves

Some of my #littleloves from this past week – linking up with the awesome ButWhyMummyWhy 🙂


I’m busy reading Gone Girl. I’m REALLY struggling to get into it though.. it received raving reviews but I literally cannot get past page 10. Apparently I have to read it before I see the film though so I’m ploughing through it!


We finally finished Homeland… what the HELL was that ending all about?! GUTTED. Apart from that I haven’t watched much tv or even a lot on YouTube. We did manage to watch First Dates though and the older couple really touched my heart.


We went out a LOT last weekend. We can literally go months without a night out and then everything seems to happen on one weekend. I was out with work Friday night for a curry and then my darling sister came down for the weekend so we went out for a meal and drinks with friends. It was a fab weekend and absolutely needed by us all. I managed to fit into my skinny jeans while seriously sucking in and unable to breathe but I still GOT THEM ON! Boom! Skinny_Jeans


I’ve been introduced to the James Bay album and I love love love it! This song has probably been overplayed but it’s still awesome 🙂


I’m a terrible baker. Like the worst in the world. I just don’t have the patience for it. However I CAN whip up these awesome Bran Muffins in less than 5 minutes and they are Super delish. The recipe is on my blog Here – so flipping scrummy! The mixture keeps for 30 days in an airtight container in the fridge so you can bake as required or bake and freeze. Perfecto.

Bran_MuffinAnd Lastly

I’m still vlogging away and found this cool little company called ‘Pink Parcel’ It’s basically a monthly subscription box that is delivered to you around the time your ‘Aunty Flo’ comes to visit and it’s filled with essentials and treats. I loved it so much I decided to blab about it in this video

And that’s me done for the week! Click the badge below for more #littleloves from around blogland. Have an awesome weekend!

Kerry x


Ruth Jones, Sugar Sweet Music & Dating – #littleloves

It’s time for my #littleloves from around blogland and life this week – enjoy!



Soooo… for the first time in ages I bought a magazine and actually sat down to read it! I absolutely love Ruth Jones so this cover sucked me in – how AMAZING does she look? She’s freaking hilarious too.



I can’t seem to find ANYTHING to watch?! I got bored of Celeb Big Brother after the first episode, I’m still watching my gorgeous Will.I.Am in The Voice on Saturdays, I missed the first season of Broadchurch and can’t find it on my catchup thing…. arrggghhh! First World Problems. SO I found 4 series of ‘The Undateables’ on catchup and have become a little bit addicted. There’s so much love in this program. I felt particularly sad for this dude and kind of wished I could just jump in the tv to give him a snog.


photo (6)

Dave and I escaped for a DATE! We went off to Bath to watch Taken 3 and have dinner at the Cosy Club. Deliciousness! I wore my new poncho from M & Co but forgot to take a pic and can’t find it online! It’s this style and colour but with more of an aztec print. I’ll snap it next time I wear it 🙂


The internet’s gone Cray-Cray with sharing this amazing Video of Maroon 5 gatecrashing a number of weddings in LA for their latest music video – ‘Sugar’ I could honestly watch this 100 times a day and tear up every time!


photo (7)

I’ve been cooking from a Parragon Superfood book this week and whipped up this amazing salad from the book, with a few added extra’s ! This is melon, red onion, avocado, seed mix, dried apricots and apple. OMG it was super delish.  Check the book out here: The Superfood Kitchen. I’ll have a video up early next week on it too!

And lastly..

I signed up to another Blog Conference! This time to Blog on Cymru in Cardiff in March. I haven’t been to one since Britmums Live 18 months ago and I stumbled across THIS old post from BlogCamp Bristol a couple of years ago. The baby in the stroller is one of the sweet stars of Along Came Cherry’s  blog – How tiny was she Jess? 🙂

What have you dudes been up to this week?

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Love the Little Things – All about ‘dat Bass

I’ve been sailing on the seas to Belgium – we had SUCH a fab time, blog post and video on that coming soon. In the meantime I’m linking up with ButWhyMummyWhy’s blog hop – ‘Love the Little Things’ so without further ado these are a few of my favourite things 🙂 
Mini frame collage of Q of 21 things to ask your kids

I want to do a YouTube interview with one of my kids and ask them these questions in a more grown up kinda way. In fact I’m going to do it.


Apart from still being hooked on Our Girl, I haven’t watched anything as I’ve been away. However I got this YouTube video up this week showing our CRAZEEE morning routine and when I watched it back I totally understood why I’m stressed out by 9am every day. NEED to get organised. Ha! 

Black tie night on the cruise meant we could dress up for the first time in ages! I wore this dress from Apricot – such a cool pic of my Dad, brother, sister and I 🙂 


Loads of music.. booze cruise it was indeed. This was belted out one too many times. Embrace the fat people. Embrace the fat.


Printers tray with Liberty fabric by binkeeshop on Etsy
Absolutely NOTHING made this week – BUT I do want to make this Printers Tray with Liberty fabric… love love love. 

and lastly..

Good advice.

Spending time with my family this week was so awesome and we realised we just don’t do it enough! We laughed, ate, drank, slept, laughed, ate, drank, slept and had such a cool time – Don’t put off your happy life 🙂 I’m totes printing this.

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Have a fab weekend dudes! 

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Love the Little Things – #littleloves


THIS post by the fabulous How To Be a Domestic Disgrace entitled “The Joys & Pitfalls of having an only child” – I’ll tease you with this conversation with her hubby and son – it’ll make you click over and read the rest for sure: 
“Can you play He-Man with me, Daddy?”

“Not at the moment, dude.”
“But you said you’d play He-Man with me later, and now it’s later.”
“Yeah.  I’m just doing some work, though.  Go and do some colouring or something.”
“But I want to play He-Man.”
“Play it by yourself.”
“I can’t, because who would be Skeletor?  I can’t do the Skeletor laugh.  And I need Mummy to be Ram Man.”
“Mummy’s busy.  She doesn’t want to be Ram Man.”

“Well, she can be the annoying one, then.”

“Yeah, him.”
“Mate, we’re too busy right now.”
“Sigh.” *wanders off*
“Er, what?”
“I might stick this Spiderman sticker up my bum.”
“Very funny.”
“Right up it.”
“We probably wouldn’t.”
“For sticker removal?”
“Yep.  And he’d say ‘how did that sticker get there?’ and I’d say ‘because nobody wanted to play He-Man with me and I was sad’, and then he’d tell you off.”
“Very creative.”
“So, think on.”
Mate, I am not playing He-Man at the moment.”

“I’m removing my trousers…….”


LOL! Love that girl………. 


Vivianna does Makeup is one of my FAVOURITE YouTubers. Her weekly vlogs always make me smile and I just love her to bits. She’s truly inspiring! 


My mums Marc Jacobs sunnies…………. I just HAD to give them a little go! 


This song from Ed Sheeran’s new album ‘Mulitply’ has been dubbed the ‘Walking down the Aisle’ song for this summer… it’s sweet and mushy and I love it 🙂 

I’m doing Slimming World again and found a recipe for this delicious One Pot Breakfast dish – it looks like a mumble jumble of stuff but it was DELISH! We had it for lunch yesterday and it was so flipping good. Look out for the recipe on my blog next Tuesday! 

and lastly..
I’ve been working on my YouTube channel quite a bit lately – I’d love it if you could check it out and even do some of the ‘Tags’ I did? Let me know if you do and I’ll be sure to check it out! 
I’m linking this post up again to the sexy ButWhyMummyWhy … check out more ‘Love the Little Things’ posts on her fabulous blog! 
Happy Friday dudes! 

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