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Floral jumpsuits, Cocktails on the deck & Mountain views – #littleloves

This week has been filled with food, food and more food. We’re eating more healthily and cutting out carbs – I’m not the best cook and defo not creative so I’ve taken to reading loads of recipe books and following recipes for dinners this week. It seems to have worked so far! Anyhoo – on with my #littleloves for this week:


For someone who loves to read I seem to fail miserably at this category every week. I spend all day reading online for work, so much so that my head is constantly spinning – yet I can never pick one thing that seems cool enough for this category.  I did however hop over to an old blog I used to read when I lived in Cape-Town – Kelly-Anne’s blog. Kelly-Anne started blogging as a child and is now around 18 years old, she runs a little online craft shop and makes the most beautiful things. She also bakes, sews, you name it – that girl can do it! She wrote a beautiful post on visiting her grandmother in the mountains and the scenery was just breathtaking. It made me miss home SO much! I wish I was brave enough to live somewhere this secluded.


{Source – Kelly-Anne’s blog}


I watched Shan get all stroppy playing pool with us in the pub. HA! We don’t go there too often (it’s the pub we used to own) but now and then we head down there for a visit and Shan insists on CHEATING us at pool. It’s fun to watch. Lol.




On Friday I headed out with 20 girls to celebrate some birthdays. It was a fab night and I stepped outside my comfort zone and wore this floral jumpsuit from New Look. Yip – NO black here guys, miracle. It was so comfy and a size smaller than usual so I was over the moon. I forgot to take a full selfie shot so this is the best I could come up with in the car. Haha.


It looks like this on, I wore mine with flat gold sparkly sandals but you could absolutely dress it up with heels/wedges too.


{New Look}



My friend posted this song on Facebook and it’s STUCK in my brain all week – Thanks Kerri! It’s country / cheese fest / poppy and I love it! Whack it on full blast and dance around the living room. Go on.


As I mentioned I’ve been trying to whip up some yummy healthy meals this week – my Instagram feed is literally filled with food.  This salad was from the Essentials magazine – butternut, sweet potato, pomegranate seeds, rocket and baby leaf salad, feta and a nutty yoghurt dressing. Seriously YUM.



And Lastly


Our pallet decking is coming on so well – we’ve been working our bums off to get it ready for the summer. I still can’t believe we did all this for FREE! Dave whipped up our benches this week, now to paint and decorate them with cushions and lights and all the pretty things… We’re so close to it being done – I can’t wait to lounge on it  in the sunshine with a cocktail!

pallet furniture

So those were my #littleloves for this week – what were yours? Link up to Butwhymummywhy’s shmexy linky by clicking the badge below.  Happy Friday dudes!




DIY: How to make a Herb Garden from a Pallet

A couple of weeks ago I posted about our Spring Garden on a Budget

We’ve been working our socks off in the garden on every dry day possible –  making everything out of pallets. EVERYTHING.

I saw a pallet herb garden on Pinterest and thought it would be a perfect project for my back fence. So… we got this huge double pallet for Free and Dave screwed it into the back fence.


The girls sanded it with a little Black & Decker mouse sander – it literally took about 30 minutes to do the whole thing, and then we painted it with ‘Vintage Rose’ exterior wood paint.  The paint was Johnstone’s, available at B&M. They currently have a gorgeous range of pastel garden paints so grab some while you can!


And Ta-Daaaa! All painted and ready for the herbs to go into it.  I’m not ultra green-fingered so I decided to order some vinyl lettering from eBay to remind me what each herb is… Stop laughing. The letters are custom made with the names of the herbs so that I can peel and stick them onto the front of it. They were super cheap – I think I got 60 letters for £9 delivered.  As soon as they arrive and I’ve filled it up I’ll do a follow-up post so you can see the finished result!

This project is super budget-friendly, yet useful and beautiful too!  I’ll be scouring the car boots for some herbs as well as keeping an eye on my local Aldi.  They recently had a 6 herbs for £3.50 deal so I grabbed one of those and wished I’d bought a couple more!


I’m kinda hoping it’s going to end up something like this…



Eeeekk! I love it! Next week I’ll be sharing our pallet furniture too which Dave made to go onto our deck. It’s pretty awesome stuff.

What have you been doing in the garden this Spring? I’d love you to share your idea’s / pins in the comments section 🙂

Kerry x