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Summer Garden on a budget – #PinAddicts Linky 2

We recently moved into a new rented home.  The house is newly renovated throughout which is lovely but the garden is a SHAMBLES. Like huge patches of MUD and uneven grass all the way through.  Its a long, narrow garden with quite a bit of space and a footpath splitting it up the middle leading to a gate which opens up onto the neighbouring farmer’s cornfield.

It needs a LOT of work. Dave and I are not very green-fingered although we would like to be. The garden screams SPEND MONEY ON ME AND DIG UNTIL YOU CAN’T DIG NO MORE.

Neither of which really appeals to us. But we opted to dig. And patch up. And source free stuff to make the garden a happy sunshiney place to enjoy this summer.

Dave had a week off last week and literally spent every waking moment in the garden with our friend James (aka Mr Sydenhams.. lol) He managed to source us some free pallets, brought over all his tools and we were OFF.

This is the general plan for the layout of the garden taken from about halfway up the garden. Look at my awesome washing. Real blog worthy pic stuff.

Garden LayoutAs always, inspired by Pinterest we decided to give it a go..

pallet seating






I’ve got some detailed posts coming on how we built our deck and shed base using pallets so watch out for those in the next couple of weeks – in the meantime here’s a sneak peek of our decking… I’m so flipping proud of the boys.. they did an amazing job! The girls and I had the job of staining it << tough stuff for us.

FullSizeRender (16)


The furniture and tables and borders and plants etc all still need to be done, but it’s a work-in-progress and we hope to have it completed before the next half term 🙂 We did a quick tally up and the total cost for the decking so far comes in at around £80… total steal! You can source free pallets at local warehousing/distribution companies or even at your local supermarkets.  I found some pretty cheap on eBay too.

My next project while Dave cracks on with the furniture is my pallet herb garden.. I’m hoping it’s going to end up something like this 🙂




What are you doing in your garden this summer? Do you have any cool pins to share with me? Let me know in the comments pleeeeasse! I’d love to chat to you.

This is my entry to this week’s #PinAddicts challenge – have you recreated something you found on Pinterest? Please link it up into the linky below and join our awesome Pin-Mad community!

Kerry x

Welcoming back the PinAddicts challenge!

A couple of years ago I set up a website dedicated to all Lovers of Pinterest. PinAddicts 🙂

A linky party once a month which encouraged people to re-create something they had pinned on Pinterest. Instead of just pinning ALL.THE.THINGS and forgetting about them in Internet land, I decided that I actually wanted some of that stuff in my house. In my wardrobe. At our parties. In my life.

Pinaddicts FB cover

And so the PinAddicts site was born. A team of 7 amazing women wrote daily posts for the site on all things Pinterest – Recipes, DIY’s, Craft, Décor, Activities, you name it these chicks blogged about it. We had a stack of people blogging about things they had been inspired to make and do & then entering them into our linky. Sometimes we ran giveaways, we ALWAYS had lots of fun.

And then. My Dad got really ill. My life was literally turned upside down and I struggled to go to work every day, let alone blog all things happy and Pinterest. The site petered out, it needed love and I didn’t have any to give.

18 months on and my Dad is doing well, my life has finally returned to some sort of normality and I’ve started blogging again. I’ve had so much interest in the PinAddicts site, people literally email me weekly to find out if/when it’s starting up again.

And so…………. the PinAddicts linky is reborn!

I’m going to keep it here on my blog for now, a linky party every Tuesday which will remain open until the following Monday at midnight. So you’ll always have a linky to join and be inspired by fellow bloggers.  You’ll fast become part of this awesome community we have going over here.  We’re still on Facebook so come over and join us for daily inspiration on using up your craft stash, tips & tricks, tutorials – you name it we’ll be blabbing about it.

So, how does it work?

1) Find something you want to recreate that you have pinned on Pinterest

2) Recreate that thing

3) Blog about it! (or join in via the Facebook page if you don’t blog)

4) Come here every Tuesday and link it into the party  – make friends, be awesome, have fun!

Who’s excited? 🙂


PinAddicts Challenge July – Linky is Open!

It’s my turn again to Host this month’s PinAddicts Challenge! Can I get a Whoop Whoop!

To find out how this all works.. click here quickly (it will open in a new window so ya’ll don’t lose me)

PIN IT, MAKE IT, BLOG IT, LINK IT, SHARE IT, LOVE IT! Link up your projects for anything that inspired you on Pinterest, in the linky below this post.

This month I decided to go THRIFTY!  I’ve had an old clock kicking around for a while now. Dave has threatened to take it to the dump at least 10 times, and every time I’ve managed to sneak it out of the dump stuff and hidden it away, pleading with him to keep it because ‘one day I will restore it to fabulousness darling….trust me!’

So here you have my inspiration, an awesome mirror which I Pinned, by the lovely Meg over at Whatever

Meg painted hers, I decided to attack a similar style clock with SPRAY PAINT BABY. It’s all about Spray Paint.

So here is the old girl. We adopted her when we moved into our Pub . Trying to get the back off was probably the most difficult part of the whole thang. I was hoping a million pounds was stashed in the back, but alas it was not to be…


So after a quick clean and a light sand with the kitchen scourer ( Why do I never have the right tools..)  I sprayed like maaaad.

Touch dry in 20 minutes. That’s my kind of craft. A second coat and a polish of the old girls face and…………

One shabby chiccy type clock – hanging proudly on the kitchen wall. I quite like it if I do say so myself. This whole project cost me about 50p’s worth of spray paint. Such a thrifty one I am.
Link up YOUR projects in the Linky below – Linky is open for ONE WHOLE WEEK! So don’t panic if you haven’t started yet.  On Wednesday I shall reveal our Prize.. awarded at Random – you gotta be in it to win it! 

We also have a NEW PinAddicts blog being launched next month… all shall be revealed shortly – in the meantime, follow us on Facebook & Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news – it’s Uber exciting stuff!

May PinAddicts Pinterest Challenge!

At long last…. here is my post… Well, I video’ed it for you too… So herewith lies a blog post, and a video.

In honour of the Living Streets Campaign, I scratched my head and dug deep into Pinterest to find Walking Inspired projects.  Although I enjoy walking, I do not DO exercise very well.. So I kinda copped out, and went with this:

summer toenails! pretty sure this is nail art I could actually accomplish, too!
My original pin:  Which I pinned HERE

My version: Yes, my 2nd toe is smudged. I had to redo that toe 5 times. Bear with me people.

Then I moved onto PRINTABLES…. I know, another easy one, but SERIOUSLY I have SO many printables pinned, it was just getting ridiculous. So I rushed off to Asda/Walmart and picked up some cheap cheap frames and printed these which I pinned HERE and HERE

So here we go….

‘Scuze the quality, but I had to use my crappy camera phone!
Here’s the video for you too….. with THEE most unattractive thumbnail in the world. I’ve tried to change it. Honestly… I have.  Subscribe to me on Youtube too… 
Don’t forget to link your project up to Butwhymummywhy , you’ve got until Monday to do so, and I’ll reveal our fabulous prize tomorrow too!!

Pinterest Challenge #3: Little Bookworms

Well that went well. Looks like I lasted 1 whole day on the Blogging from A-Z Challenge… Fail.

But fear not! I shall link this post up too with … D for DARING to Craft!

The gorgeous Louise over at Sew Scrumptious is hosting this month’s linky, go over and say HI! And link up your Pinterest-inspired projects of course.

So here’s what I was inspired by on Pinterest…The sweeeeetest bookmarks…

Click HERE to follow through – Sweetfelt on Flickr

And here’s how mine came out

We’ve made a whole bunch. Naturally. They make fab presents with a new book 🙂

And yes.. That is our favourite…… The Magic Faraway Tree!

So, what did you make this month?

Pinterest Challenge #2!

Wow – can you believe it’s #PinAddicts Pinterest Challenge time again??
We had such a fabulous response to Challenge #1, with over FIFTY participants linking up!! 
My challenge this month was supposed to be made out of felt. But I kid you not – I went to the felt shop THREE times and every single time, it was closed. So I had to think quick and came up with these little beauties.
This is the Original project I pinned on Pinterest by :

You’ll need: 
Plastic or Wooden Spoons
A double boiler thingie
Some wax paper
Some Willing Children

 The linky for this months challenge is HERE over on Melksham Mums blog. She’s SHMEXY. Go visit. If you Tweet.. search the hashtag #PinAddicts to see more craftiness 🙂

Warm Milk anyone?

Spreading some Love & a Winner!

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day today – Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re not…. then Happy Valentine’s Day from me anyways.

Spreading some love and all that 🙂

Talking about spreading love… the Crafty, Bloggy Love has been flying around the Interwebz like WILDFIRE this last week – can you believe we have had FIFTY TWO, yes FIFTY TWO entries to our first PinAddicts Challenge??!!

That’s 52 people we’ve inspired to make something they have seen on the internet. 52 people who got creative. 52 people who took the time & energy to write up their amazing crafts and link over to this blog. 52 people who have become my blogging friends. That’s Awesome.


Be sure to link up to Melksham Mum on Monday 5th March for Next months challenge! Also, click HERE to join our Facebook page.

Because it’s Valentine’s Day, we’re going to announce the winner of our First Challenge Prize – A £10 Gift Voucher, sponsored by Mwah, for Mad About Cards. They sell EVERYTHING crafty, so use it to buy some bits and pieces for March’s Challenge 🙂

And now…. Drumroll please…….The winner, picked by Random.Org. is…………………………….

True Random Number Generator  8Powered by RANDOM.ORG

(I have no idea why this keeps coming up out of 100… I promise I entered it out of 52!!)

Number 8………… Chris, Tea & Cakes with her yummy scrummy Button Cupcakes, aren’t they too cute?!!

Congratulations Chris, please email me to claim your prize 🙂

Thank you sooooooooooooo much to every-one who has joined in, tweeted, blogged, shouted from the rooftops. You’ve made this first challenge just phenomenal…

So… What are YOU making for March? 🙂

So you think you can’t Craft?

A couple of us on the PinAddicts team are self-proclaimed ‘Crap Crafters’ Which means we think we can’t Craft for Toffee.

Let me show you a sweet little something.



THIS .. was made by one such ‘Crap Crafter’

Isn’t she gorgeous??!  I don’t see any Crap Crafting going on here!! Lovingly made by Mum2BabyInsomniac

Click HERE to visit her brilliant blog, and even to see her Skillz on the sewing machine!

Remember……… you still have this weekend to get Crafting! Linky closes on Monday, and the winner will be drawn at RANDOM for the £10 voucher for Mad About Cards 🙂

My house is like a Chinese Laundry..

The Laundry Room.

Possibly the 3 scariest words in the entire world.

I sh*t you not, My Laundry room looks like this. ALL.THE.TIME

This is from ‘The Joyful Chaos’ blog – so I know I am not alone

Of course, I would like my Laundry Room to look like this one I pinned on Pinterest

I know. It’s THAT beautiful. My fellow PinAddicts came to the rescue just in time with some FABULOUS idea’s to get me started.

Head on over to Simply Outnumbered’s Blog to find out how to make these super Storage Containers & a handy key rack ( I may implement this into my Laundry Room!) :

Click HERE to take a looksie!
Then, the stunningly talented Lousie from Sew Scrumptious whipped up these handy fabric baskets
I want one as a peg holder thingie. I know. I love them.
She also made some FAB tissue holders perfect for your bag… AND
She roped her very brave, lovely hubby in on a project too! 
Check what he whipped up..
Talented much!!??

ps….You still have THREE full days to enter the linky! GO for it! 

Colour, Hearts, Cake… Yummyness

As part of Pinterest Challenge week…

Head on over to the following 2 lovely ladies blogs to see their Beautiful ‘Pinteresting’ Projects 🙂

The lovely @butwhymummywhy went Pinterest-Rainbow Crazy at her little one’s birthday party!
You have got to see this pure happiness 🙂
Click HERE to take a look!

AND.. the gorgeous Just Above Average Mum WOWED us all with this Beautiful Ruffle heart wreath , just in time for Valentine’s Day!
Click HERE to be inspired
Have you joined our Challenge this month? You have until Monday to enter the linky.. Go for it!