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In the spring garden: Pallet Herb Garden

I know, I know. It’s still winter.  For once, I am totally ahead of myself. Lol.  Yesterday the sun shone a little so I headed out into the garden to tidy up my Pallet Garden & it got me thinking about what I would plant in the spring (I’m getting excited already).  Here’s a little snapshot of my newly planted garden in May last year and the difference is phenomenal when compared to June.. bring on the sunshine! pallet_gardenI am not a great gardener.  I have no idea what to plant when & how to grow things properly. I just water and feed (when I remember to) and hope and pray for the best.  I grabbed a few packets of seeds last week and would like to try harder to actually cultivate this little piece of life in the garden this summer.  So, over the weekend I headed over to trusty old Pinterest for some tips on what to plant and came across these 2 fantastic articles:


Image Credit: Flour on my Face

I came to realise that herbs are really not all that easy to grow.  If you forget to water them, or overwater them.  Ugh.  I found that Basil is nearly impossible to grow and Rosemary is a true keeper, it’s still flourishing now through the cold and frost! Flour on my Face has got this herb thing sorted… These are her top 12 herbs to easily grow from seed… yip, Basil’s in there at #1!  I clearly need to work on my basil-growing skills.

12 herbs to grow from seed in the garden: 

  1. Basil
  2. Calendula
  3. Chives
  4. Dill
  5. Fennel
  6. Lemon Balm
  7. Lemon Verbena
  8. Mint (invasive do not plant in the ground)
  9. Oregano
  10. Parsley
  11. Lemon Grass 
  12. Thyme

The other big question I have is ‘When should I be planting what’… I literally have no idea.  I found quite a few growing calendars on Pinterest, but this one from Anglian Home takes the cake.  It’s super informative and available as a downloadable printable too.

Super handy huh? I’d like to whip up a couple of veggie beds like these ones below so I can grow some veg this year.  This couple were pushed for space but still converted 60% of their garden into veg growing boxes, their organisation and tips are absolutely brilliant and will get your garden planning urges going at top speed.  Wow, that’s a sentence I literally thought I would NEVER type on my blog in my entire life!!


Image credit:

I think expanding into veg growing is worth a shot and actually I find it really therapeutic getting out in the garden and getting my hands dirty.  Even if I am killing everything I grow. Ha!

What about you? Do you have a garden? Or a patio garden? Or a surviving basil plant?

I’d love to hear about it and welcome any tips or advice on keeping stuff alive! If you’d like to know how I made my pallet garden let me know and I’ll whip up a ‘how to’ for you as well, there’s a post on how we started it here if you’re interested.

Have a great week,

Kez x

Kids & Their ‘5-A-Day’

I’m going to be totally honest here. And I’m probably going to SHOCK at least half of you reading this post.

My kids LOVE their Veggies. They LOVE fruit… My youngest even claims she is ‘allergic’ to chocolate – because she doesnt like the taste. Don’t get me wrong, they eat plenty of ice-cream/sweets etc, but I never battle to get them to eat their Fruit & Veg.


I hear both in Real Life & in Blog World that a LOT of moms battle to get their kids to eat their Five-A-Day.  So, I am going to share with you some tips and tricks. Then, YOU can share with US your tips and tricks, and we will even have a fantastic Giveaway!

1) Don’t be SCARED to introduce them to new foods! Just put a little on the plate and ask them to try.   Even if they didn’t like it once before, you may be pleasantly surprised.  🙂

2) Bribery. I know. I am THAT mom.  If you eat all your veg, you can have some ice-cream, or ‘2 more spoonfuls and you can go’ It usually works and every little mouthful that goes into their tummies is a total achievement!

3) Buy ‘EASY’ veg! 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS in Green Giant’s Original Sweetcorn for example!

The fabulous people at Green Giant KNOW what we moms go through to keep our littlie’s healthy and feeling good.. and have been helping moms here in the UK since the 60’s, with their awesome product range.

Ho,Ho,Ho Green Giant!

Seriously… we eat a LOT of this in our house… We sneak it onto pizza, straight onto the plate, straight out of the tin, we have it at BBQ’s, and I even make it into Sweet Bread which the kids love! We love this traditional South African ‘Mielie’ Bread so much, I am sharing the recipe with you on my Recipes page. I know – I’m cool like that.

4) Show kids WHERE the food comes from! We have spent time blackberry-picking, mushroom foraging, hazelnut picking, apple picking etc this summer and the kids are so intrigued to know where the food comes from and how it is made.  I once asked Niamh “Where does meat come from lovey?” From Tesco’s Mom… was the reply…. Help Me. But, trust me on this, if they GET INVOLVED in the purchase/preparation of food, they will be so much more keen to eat it! (or at least try!)

5) All moms are so busy these days, so – GET HELP!

The awesome people at Abel & Cole will DELIVER a fruit & veg box direct to your door and even supply you with FREE weekly recipes to keep your meals ‘un-boring’ as we say in our house.

So, lets chat. *pours a large glass of wine*

What are YOUR tips & tricks to helping your kids eat their ‘5-a-day?’

Post your comments, and one Lucky Commenter will WIN a delicious Abel & Cole Veg Box AND Green Giant products to try out all the tricks and tips. DEAL? DEAL!

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