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Love the Little Things – All about ‘dat Bass

I’ve been sailing on the seas to Belgium – we had SUCH a fab time, blog post and video on that coming soon. In the meantime I’m linking up with ButWhyMummyWhy’s blog hop – ‘Love the Little Things’ so without further ado these are a few of my favourite things 🙂 
Mini frame collage of Q of 21 things to ask your kids

I want to do a YouTube interview with one of my kids and ask them these questions in a more grown up kinda way. In fact I’m going to do it.


Apart from still being hooked on Our Girl, I haven’t watched anything as I’ve been away. However I got this YouTube video up this week showing our CRAZEEE morning routine and when I watched it back I totally understood why I’m stressed out by 9am every day. NEED to get organised. Ha! 

Black tie night on the cruise meant we could dress up for the first time in ages! I wore this dress from Apricot – such a cool pic of my Dad, brother, sister and I 🙂 


Loads of music.. booze cruise it was indeed. This was belted out one too many times. Embrace the fat people. Embrace the fat.


Printers tray with Liberty fabric by binkeeshop on Etsy
Absolutely NOTHING made this week – BUT I do want to make this Printers Tray with Liberty fabric… love love love. 

and lastly..

Good advice.

Spending time with my family this week was so awesome and we realised we just don’t do it enough! We laughed, ate, drank, slept, laughed, ate, drank, slept and had such a cool time – Don’t put off your happy life 🙂 I’m totes printing this.

Check out more #littleloves over on ButWhyMummyWhy’s blog by clicking the link below:

Have a fab weekend dudes! 

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Sunday Faves: Fall Fashion, Globes & YouTubers

1. The 30-Day Creative Business Cleanse: This looks awesome for WAHM’s! Time for a Spring-Clean (In Autumn) and a new energy and way of doing things – seriously, check this out…

The 30-day Creative Business Cleanse - by Regina [for bloggers // creative businesses // and you]

2. Gorgeous Autumn Outfit

Seriously, I LOVE this! Except I’d swap the sandals for boots as it’s F-F-Freezing here!

how to wear a maxi skirt in the fall | ... outfits tagged with best outfits casual outfits fall outfits how to
Vinyl lettering, spray paint & an old globe… yes please! 
See The World with Me - Cool Chalkboard Paint Ideas,,

4. It’s that C-Word time approaching soon… 15 Fridays or something ridonkulous??!! So I’ve been mooching around for some gift inspiration and this looks pretty cool –

16 DIY Homemade Gifts to Make for you or for gifts for the holidays! [ ] #gifts #funds #saving
5. YouTube has become something of an addiction in my house.. we watch way more YouTube than TV for sure – here’s my favourite YouTuber this week – BellaNoochi, she’s FAB and has a great blog too!  

What have been your favourites this week? Share them in the comments so I can hop over and check them out!

Sweet Sunday dudes!

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Little Loves: Wore, Read, Watched, Loved!


I haven’t read a book since the summer…. September is a crazy hectic month with the kids starting school, picking up more work and generally trying to get back into routine. However I read this fantastic article by Richard Branson on Why Virgin are letting their staff take as much Holiday as they want, when they want…. revolutionising the workplace here people!


Glue. Wow Wow Wow. This is an 8-part HECTIC drama series, which opens with the body of a teenage traveller, found dead underneath the wheels of a tractor – revealing the dirty secrets of Berkshire’s horse stables and farms. Think drugged up teenagers, nudity & a thrilling police investigation. It’s pretty hectic but a Must-Watch!


Ok I haven’t actually worn this YET. It’s an Apricot dress I bought in the Debenhams sale last week, I tried it on and it fit like a freaking glove. Super happy as I want to wear it on the posh night on the mini-cruise we’re going on next weekend. I just need to glam it up a little, JoJo Rugby Widow suggested a new belt, purse and shoes to match – God I love that woman. Pure genius, I’m CRAP with styling outfits!


I heard this by Nicki Minaj on my daughters playlist the other day. I don’t normally like old NicMin but this song has a nice melody to it and now I love it!


Apart from ‘making’ a mess (man why am I so MESSY?!) I haven’t made much. BUT I’ve been hoop inspired on Pinterest and plan to make something from this board over the weekend.

And Lastly

I filmed the Secret Diary of a Youtuber Tag 🙂 check it out here! 

I’m linking this post up to the sexy ButWhyMummyWhy’s #littleloves post this week – hop over and check this sexy mama out, and also to Mama Kat’s 31 days of Blogging prompts – Day 2: Something I read!

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Sexy Mama Kat!

Photo Credit :

Mama Kat is one of my all time favourite bloggers/youtubers/people on the planet. This chick loves her cocktails, her kids and her humour will KILL you. Literally KILL you. She’s whipped up 31 writing prompts for October and I’m joining in with her on this cocktail-fuelled journey of fun. 

Today’s prompt is: ‘This time last year…’ Keep an eye out for my 2nd blog post of the day (Shock, Horror!) due to go live in a couple of hours. 
Psssst…. Go over and read all about Mama Kat HERE, Subscribe to her on YouTube HERE 🙂 
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Bath, Birthdays and Edible Cheesecake

I’ve been SICK with a chest infection. Like super duper, kill me now kinda sick.

In the middle of this wonderful blessing, Dave had a birthday and I had loads of new work come in and the school term kicked off with an almighty bang. Yay.

I vlogged about it – check it out here in my latest Weekly Vlog 🙂 Every week I publish snippets of our life on the Tube of You. Yes I do.

Are you on YouTube? Please leave your channel link in the comments section so I can check it out 🙂 post signature

May Favourites: Beauty, Home, Office! {Video too!}

I know. I know. It’s halfway through June. I’m always late to the party. Love to make an entrance ya’ know?! These are the things I’ve been LOVING during May.  I made a video for you about all this too. I’ve pasted it at the bottom of this blog post for ya’. 
This month’s favourites are a bit of a mish mash of things.  That picture doesn’t really do any of the products much justice as it kinda looks like a random selection of stuff I’ve just picked up off the bedroom floor. 
BUT. Each and every one of those products is totally awesome!
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
1. Bourjois 3D Effect lipgloss – perfect, non-sticky lipgloss. And the colour is apparently ‘bang-on-trend’ … fashionable for once in my life! £7.69 from Boots
2. Pilot Frixion Ball pen – slightly random but so fitting as I am a Stationery addict and the fact that this pen rubs out is just PURE.GENIUS to me – £ 3.49 from Pilot Pen
3. Tresemme Intense Repair Dry Shampoo – little bit in LOVE with this! My hair is super oily and this just refreshes it, gives it volume and lasts all day long. Love Love Love.
4. Toni & Guy Shine Gloss Serum – another Hair FAVE! Perfect for smoothing through your hair after straightening it, no fly-aways and it smells gorgeous too! Around £5.25 from Boots.
5. Sip & Snack Cup – Self explanatory, water cup with a twistie bottom for snacks.. check out my video below to see how it works. Available from the Original Factory Shop for £1.50 (not online)
6. Soap & Glory Butter Yourself – Oh the Smell is just fruit punch in a tub! Beautiful, luxurious body butter that screams summer – rrp. £10.50 from Boots, Superdrug or online
7. Asda Rose Gold Flip Flops – perfect with everything… so comfy, I buy these every year and they last the whole summer.  Pretty and awesome.
I video’ed this whole lot for you too. Press Play and say Hi! 
What are your current favourites? Let me know in the comments! 

Walking with Teenagers – #CountryKids

It’s been YONKS since I joined up with the lovely Coombe Mill’s Country Kids linkup… Getting out and about in the winter with a teenager has proven to be somewhat of a challenge this year! But we braved it, put on a smile and got them all out TOGETHER for a walk in the woods..

Oohh a semi-smile!

Tay stood at this gate singing a ‘Frozen’ song… very dramatically…

Bluebells always remind me of when I was a little girl.  My granddad loved the garden and always told me stories about the bluebells in the woods – his whole face lit up when he spoke and I just knew they were Magical. 🙂
About as normal a pose as we’re going to get around these parts.
The girls suggested this shot. Little David Bailey’s in the making I reckon. It’s also the road that took us to lunch. Whoop!
Wall of prettiness while we queued up for Sandwiches and Milkshakes

And hot chocolate. Nice bin in the background too. Lol.

All in all – as much as she would HATE to admit it….. I think she secretly enjoyed herself.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this photo already – “If you see no beauty….Look Again”
We vlogged all about it too – check us out getting on Tube on You. 
I’m linking this up to the fabulous #CountryKids linky over on the Coombe Mill blog.  Check out more posts by clicking the button below 🙂

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

YouTube …. A little confession

I’ve been vlogging my little heart away on YouTube. Yes I have. I’m nearly up to 50 subscribers.. Yeah! Although most of the time I feel like I’m vlogging to no-one – haha – fail!

This month I gave #VEDA a try. ‘Vlogging everyday in April’ I haven’t vlogged every day. Or nearly every day. But I’ve done a few so I thought I’d share them with you lovelies.

First up, a Poundland haul…. riveting stuff! And some very terrible singing.

Then, a VERY quiet trainride through the English countryside.

Meet my 11 year old aka typical middle kid 🙂

Brace yourself for the deepest darkest depths of my fridge…
Want to see what it’s like to go on a walk with a Teen who’s too cool for school? Check this out 🙂

I’ve got a birthday vlog going up tonight and who knows what else we’ll get up to in the next few days. If you watch YouTube and you enjoyed my vlogs, I’d love you to subscribe to my channel. 

Thanks Awesomeness.

Love the Little Things

A blog prompt created by the gorgeous ButWhyMummyWhy
A few little things I’ve been loving over the last week….


I’ve been online for work ALL week – my brain is spinning with the amount of words in my brain right now! 
But during my ‘YouTube Timeout’ session I came across Joanna Soh’s blog and I’m inspired to do her 8 week Bikini Body workouts and meal plan – honestly, she has SO much information both written and in video form and it’s all FREE and so detailed. Go Joanna!


THIS video we made at our friends house after a bottle of wine last week. It’s silly and stupid but I love it and I know I’ll cherish it forever! Love you guys 🙂  Because it was made on Videostar I can’t seem to make it available on mobiles… so if you’re watching on a mobile you’ll have to hop over to my channel and watch it there!


I’ve been sick all week so haven’t really ventured out much apart from going to work… However I did wear this new dress I bought from New Look, it’s from the Apricot line and I LOVE it! It’s perfect for those of us with big boobs and/or tums! I wear mine with long brown leather-look boots and a cardigan. ALL of Apricot’s dresses are really flattering actually *stops self from clicking things into Apricot online basket*


I actually came across this song on VideoStar and I just LOVE it! It’s a bit mush but it’s SO feel good! 


Determined not to be beaten by the cakery world I followed a video tutorial to make an Easy Chocolate Cake for Niamh’s birthday… And it turned out just like a CAKE! I was so impressed with myself. It was totally Yummo. She is addicted to Nutella so I ditched icing it and smothered a whole jar of Nutella all over it. DELISH! 

and lastly..

My ‘baby’ was 14 yesterday. FOURTEEN people! She is so awesome and I love her too much. Happy Birthday Sweetheart. 
on the right with one of her best mates Leanna 🙂
And that was my week! Join in if you want to by visiting ButWhyMummyWhy’s blog HERE 
Happy Weekend dudes! 

Can my hair Rust Mom???

This child totally cracks me up… She is literally IN.HER.OWN.WORLD.
She entertains herself, lives life at her own pace and comes up with some of the weirdest stuff.
Yesterday, she walked into the kitchen after not muttering One Word after school and says…
“Mom…. Can my hair rust?”
Me: “Of course not Shan, why do you ask”
Shan: “Just wondering if that’s why some people have red hair” 
Shrugs.Walks off.
For Real.
Later, in the shower, she beckons me with her foghorn of a voice (BIG voice, small child)
” If you lie does your hair fall out? ” 
Me: Eish. “Erm…  yes, yes it does” 
Her: “Ha! That’s why all of your hair just fell on the ground because you’re lying about lying!” 
For real.
Sometimes I wish I was in  her little world – it sounds like an exciting place to be.
What stuff do your sprogs come up with? Lemme know in the comments so I don’t fear I am the only one with a weird child. 
Ps… I’m still Vlogging every day in June! Click HERE to see the craziness.
K x