GlossyBox Review – June

I’ve decided to shift my GlossyBox Reviews to the beginning of the month.  This way I can actually use the products for a few weeks before I rush to get the review up. Because of this genius plan of mine, I think you’ll get much more honest reviews – and all that Bejazzle.

So here ya go:

Eeeeekk! What could be inside…..??

Product Number 1: Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush – RRP: £15

Product Description (all descriptions from the GlossyBox site)

“This timeless and classic series in matt black comes in a noble and elegant design.  Made with best quality goat hair with natural tips from Asian mountain goats.  The supersoft hair is collected when the cost is trimmed, then sanitised and bundled by hand to make these smooth and resilient cosmetic brushes.  With lots of volume, these brushes can absorb large amounts of powder and apply your make-up in a soft way. “

My 2 pennies worth:

To me, a brush is a brush. Shock horror! All of you beauty reviewers out there, I KNOW I’m wrong. I know it. But to ME, I just can’t tell the difference, except whether the hairs fall out or not. I know. Slam me down and call me shorty. I AM however very grateful for being sent a £15 brush in my £10 box.

Next up:

Product 2: BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer – 1g Sample

Product Description:
A medium, golden mineral bronzer which flatters most skin tones. Sweep over the face for a Summer glow, use as an eyeshadow, or even mix with body lotion to create a shimmering bronzing cream.
Apply to the areas of your face that the sun would naturally hit. Sweep over your cheekbones, forehead and the bridge of your nose for a gorgeous Summer glow. £8 – 4g.

My 2 Pennies Worth:

I loved this little pot of summer. I blend it in with my daily moisturizer just to give my cheekbones a little glow – oh how I miss the real sun! Look out for the GlossyBox Step-by-Step Bronzing masterclass coming soon to their BLOG!


Product 3: Caudalie Zeste de Vigne Eau Fraiche AKA my *FAVE* product in this box!

Product Description:

Intensely cheerful, Zeste de Vigne is a very refreshing fragrance. It combines notes of orange and lemon leaves with sparkling lemon, sweet orange and energizing mandarin. RRP: £26/50ml.
My Two Pennies:

My favourite product in the box. I’m not usually a ‘Citrussy Smelly’ type of gal, but I loved this fragrance – summer in a bottle.  I took it to the Bloggers Conference –  Britmums Live , to keep freshening up the ‘el loo – the size was perfect, and a really generous sample!



Product 4: Dermablend Ultra Corrective Foundation Creme Stick

Product Description:

Dermablend Corrective Foundation is ideal for camouflage of skin concerns such as dark circles, acne marks, redness, dark spots, vitiligo, and the masking of tattoos.
Product benefits:
40% pigment concentration- Twice the coverage of a traditional foundation.
Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.
Sweat resistant & water resistant.
SPF 30.
Long lasting-14Hr hold.
Natural finish, with no mask effect.
Available in 7 shades
£19 / 12g

My Two Pennies:
I must admit, when I first saw this in the box I was a bit disappointed, as I knew I would only use 1 shade. However…… this shazzle sticks like flies on sss….ugar.  It is BRILLIANT stuff for covering up my PMS lumps on my face. Great product – although not sure I would spend £20 on a cover stick..


Product 5: hd BROWS Precision Tweezers

Product Info:

Refine your brows with these high precision tweezers. A specially designed slanted tip and fine point are perfect for gripping even the shortest of hairs. With its sleek, slim line black finish, HD Brows Precision Tweezers are a must for any brow perfectionist. £19.95 per pair.

My Two Pennies:
Oh come to mama… these babies are absolutely brilliant for very gorilla-like beautiful women like mwah. Perfect, Precise and Pain-free.

I did a quick tally up and I reckon I received around £43 worth of products, for just a Tenner, plus £2.95 (very pretty packaging) and postage. Well worth it! If you’d like to sign up to GlossyBox, leave me a comment and I’ll ‘Recommend a Friend’ 🙂

*All thoughts, opionions, and two pennies worth are my own, I paid for this with my own moola too*

4 thoughts on “GlossyBox Review – June

  1. momoftwosalums

    The tweezers work? I don’t do anything with my eyebrows except just trim the hair but it always hurts SO bad when I try and tweeze. Is the other stuff perfume? I actually do like citrus stuff.
    If you want an amazing perfume find Stella by Stella McCartney. It is AMAZING! It’s really expensive ($90) for a regular sized bottle but I got it for my birthday last year.
    Oh and I keep telling you the solution to the sun problem… come here! It was 97 today and supposed to be like that for the next 10 days

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