May PinAddicts Pinterest Challenge!

At long last…. here is my post… Well, I video’ed it for you too… So herewith lies a blog post, and a video.

In honour of the Living Streets Campaign, I scratched my head and dug deep into Pinterest to find Walking Inspired projects.  Although I enjoy walking, I do not DO exercise very well.. So I kinda copped out, and went with this:

summer toenails! pretty sure this is nail art I could actually accomplish, too!
My original pin:  Which I pinned HERE

My version: Yes, my 2nd toe is smudged. I had to redo that toe 5 times. Bear with me people.

Then I moved onto PRINTABLES…. I know, another easy one, but SERIOUSLY I have SO many printables pinned, it was just getting ridiculous. So I rushed off to Asda/Walmart and picked up some cheap cheap frames and printed these which I pinned HERE and HERE

So here we go….

‘Scuze the quality, but I had to use my crappy camera phone!
Here’s the video for you too….. with THEE most unattractive thumbnail in the world. I’ve tried to change it. Honestly… I have.  Subscribe to me on Youtube too… 
Don’t forget to link your project up to Butwhymummywhy , you’ve got until Monday to do so, and I’ll reveal our fabulous prize tomorrow too!!

12 thoughts on “May PinAddicts Pinterest Challenge!

  1. Melksham Mum

    Aw, you crack me up! I was a bit disappointed it wasn’t a vid of you painting your nails in your car!! I love those prints, very cool. No cake for you but I lufs you anyway 😉

    1. Kerry Davies

      I WAS going to try that… but I was on my way to work, and literally had like 10 minutes.. hahah!! I lufs you too sweet bloggy friend xx

  2. Jennifer

    The nails are gorgeous! I used to be pretty good at painting nails as a teenager, but I could never have managed something as intricate as that!

  3. butwhymummywhy

    I love you! Your vlogs always crack me up. Hub ended up watching this one too as her wanted to see what I was giggling at!
    I really need to print some ‘printables’ aswell as I too have pinned loads. I love the laundry one and am gonna head off to Pinterest now to find it! 🙂

    1. Kerry Davies

      Awwww I lufs you tooooo!!! Hello @butwhymummywhys hub! Glad I made you Chuckle… pfftt!

      The laundry one looks fab in a white frame… Asda baby! xxx

  4. lulastic

    Ooh, I used to work for Living Streets! Very briefly, managing their Walk to School campaign.
    I love your nails, if I ever paint my nails- which I probably won’t as I’m lazy- it will be like this!

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