Foodies Festival – Bristol – 26-28 June

If you follow me on Instagram or Pinterest you’ll know that I’m pretty obsessed with food.  I literally open my eyes and think about food. I close my eyes, and yip … I’m thinking about food. Lol.



Food plays a huge part in family life, some days I feel like I’m constantly planning it, shopping for it, cooking it, feeding people it and then cleaning it all up.  I’ve recently taken a good look at our diet and have implemented some much-needed changes such as cutting out white bread and pasta, cutting down on chocolate, no crisps, making Davina flapjacks – all that stuff.


But it can be hard to stay inspired. Real hard. Especially when there are 2 teenagers in the house who literally crave junk food – especially giant choc chip cookies.  So when I was asked to attend the Foodies Festival in Bristol with the girls I jumped at the chance.

They will probably kick and scream about going to a ‘Boring Food Thing Mom’ but perhaps the atmosphere and the promise of ‘Michelin-star and celebrity chefs cooking live, a vast array of artisan producers, new food and drink theatres and more street food than you can shake a satay stick at!’ may just tempt their little tastebuds and switch their mindsets to trying to eat more healthy with me.  There’s even some hands-on sessions for the little ones which I know Shan will just love.

As for me? I’m particularly looking forward to the giant Pimm’s teapot… bring on the Pimm’s!

The Foodies Festival is launching their New Festival at The Downs in Bristol with a Feast of Top Chefs to Celebrate their 10th Anniversary. It’s happening this weekend – and you can buy tickets HERE. 


The Aga Rangemaster Chefs Theatre welcomes Great British Bake Off winner John Whaite, local MasterChef winner Ping Coombes and Michelin-star chefs Jonray and Peter Sanchez Iglesias of Casamia, who will cook their favourite summer recipes and inspire visitors to experiment with new flavours and ingredients.

Top chefs appearing at Foodies Festival Bristol include:
– Ping Coombes – MasterChef winner 2014
– Jonray & Peter Sanchez – Casamia
– John Whaite – Great British Bake Off winner
– Tim Anderson – MasterChef Winner 2011
– Louise McCrimmon – Harvey Nichols
– Romy Gill – Romy’s Kitchen
– Xanthe Clay – Food Writer
– Larkin Cen – MasterChef finalist 2013
– Angela Langford – MasterChef finalist 2014
– Mat Follas – The Casterbridge and MasterChef winner

MasterChef winner Ping Coombes will also launch her new street food pop-up ‘Chairman Ping’


Chairman Ping joins the Street Food Avenue, a feasting hub at the heart of the festival, offering a huge selection of hot and cold dishes from around the world. Japanese, Thai, Brazilian, Argentinian, Indian, Mexican, French and African are just some of the cuisines visitors can tuck into in the Feasting Tent.

Visitors to the festival can look forward to toasting Foodies’ big year in the New Wine and Champagne Theatre with experts Neil Phillips and Charles Metcalfe, who will guide visitors through this season’s best wines and champagnes from the UK and around the world, while beer expert Melissa Cole hosts masterclasses in the New Craft Beer Theatre matching foods with craft beers.


​L-R: Harvey Nichols Bristol head chef Louise McCrimmon, Romy Gill of Romy’s Kitchen, Michelin-star chef Peter Sanchez from Casamia and Anthony Wolowiec of Vin D’am

New Tasting Theatre invites festival-goers to discover new tastes and learn new skills with Confectionary Made Easy classes from boutique chocolate maker Fiona Sciolti, Morgan Jupe and Vin D’am wine tastings, and a sausage making and tasting masterclass with Great British Sausage.

The Cake & Bake Theatre is an inspiration for passionate bakers with top local cake makers and bakeries sharing their tips for baking delicious summer cakes. Visitors can also enjoy 3D cake modelling, Chocolate Making and Sugar-Craft masterclasses and a complementing Chocolate, Cake and Bake Village selling bakes, jams, gadgets and baking essentials.

With over 200 exhibitors in the Artisan Producers Market selling award winning cheeses, wines, bakes and condiments; festival-goers will be spoilt for choice with samples and for what to buy to take home and enjoy – a perfect setting to meet the producers and share their passion for food and drink.

For those brave – or foolish enough – the famous Chilli Eating Competition challenges those who like it spicy to try and break the current record of 16 million scoville eaten to win the Chilli Eating Crown – that’s 6400 times the average chill heat! 

Little foodies can explore their taste buds and learn basic skills with Picnic in the Park themed masterclasses in the Childrens Cookery Theatre, where Kiddy Cook will show them how to make finger sandwiches, jellies and chocolate bugs.

After a day of food and fun, foodies can relax and soak in the atmosphere with live music from the Entertainment Stage and a glass of bubbly or cocktail from the Giant Pimm’s Teapot or Captain Morgan Mojito Ship.

If you’re in the South West I think this will be a fantastic day out for the whole family – I’ll be popping a review up on it next week and I’ll be filming the day so look out for a video on my YouTube channel toooooooo!

The Weekend Post – #3 – It’s ma’ Birthday!

It was my birthday yesterday! This means I basically stuffed myself full of fry-ups and cake all weekend. Dave took the day off on Friday and I managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping amidst this food fest of mine. I spotted this GORGEOUS bedding in BhS – I’m in love. love. love.


And the towels… don’t even get me started on the towels – bright vintage awesomeness! I had no idea their homeware stuff was so nice!


We’re antique / junk shop lovers so we headed into some of the old shops in Salisbury and stumbled across these 2 signs which I think would look fab on our Decking.. *insert filthy joke here*


My girls are great at taking the ‘Half Face Teenage Selfie’ and insisted we had one so they could post it all over Facebook on my birthday. So here I am with my eldest.. how is she 15 already?!


And another with Tay, man I love these sprogs.


My best friends brother and his partner recently had a baby, so on Saturday we all piled into Kerrie’s for a bbq and some baby snuggles. Little Brooklyn is only 1 week old, Be still my heart…! She seems super tiny and is just so flipping cute. I had fun playing dollies and handing her back when she cried. Lol.


My sister was a bridesmaid for one of her good friends on Saturday – she sent me this pic on Whats App of her and my mom together – I love it, such beautiful women and I’m so proud they belong to me 🙂


And so Sunday rolled around. I woke up feeling pretty much the same, but excited to finally see what all the whispers have been about in my house over the last few days.  Dave cooked a totally scrummy fryup and lobbed loads of Battenberg’s on top of each other as my cake. BEST CAKE EVER. I think I ate an entire loaf to myself. Luckily no-one in my house likes Marzipan so I’ve still got loads left. HA!

IMG_2805 IMG_2801

I was very spoilt for presents – a greenhouse for my herbs, a cake mixer (will need to learn to bake without burning now) a bag, choccies and stuff for my garden. They know me so well.


All in all it was a fab weekend – we’re having a little bbq this coming weekend to celebrate so I’m praying for some nice hot weather. Please weather gods, make it happen!

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Have a fantastic week!

Kerry x

The Weekend Post #2 – Will I ever get used to the boys?

We had a pretty chilled weekend enjoying time with family, friends and working on our garden inbetween the spurts of b*stard rain. The weather forecast was completely wrong and instead of sunshine we had rain and cold and more rain. But we soldiered on and made the most of it and actually got quite a bit done. Boom!

Tay had a few friends round after school on Friday to just ‘hang out MOM’ so I grabbed a sweetie pizza from Asda as a treat to claim some ‘Cool Mom’ points. It didn’t really work as Shanah snuck it away from them as best she could so all that was left to present to them by the ‘cool mom’ was a pile of mushed up banana sweets and a soggy jelly baby.

FullSizeRender (79)

I don’t think I will ever get used to seeing boys shoes at the door. Tayla is nearly 13 and has a large circle of friends – boys and girls. On Friday it was a 2 boys and 2 girls hangout and there was lots of awkward teenage giggling and chest puffing going on. MY.NERVES.

FullSizeRender (78)

On Saturday my friend persuaded me to join her at the gym for a Spin and Lift session. 20 mins power spinning and 20 mins lifting. It was INTENSE. My muscles are still screaming at me 2 days later, but I’ve lost nearly a stone just by changing my eating habits, drinking water (yuk) and doing exercise a couple of days a week. I also treated myself to an early birthday prezzie – the Breville Blend Active blender thing. I freaking love this gadget – chuck a load of fruit, bit of milk, bit of yoghurt and a squeeze of honey into the cup, press whizz and BAM, breakfast done. Much needed after cycling to what felt like up Mount Everest and back.

FullSizeRender (82)

Shan’s been bugging me for 2 weeks to take her swimming with her friend.  She’s had a really bad cold recently but seems to be much better so I decided to cave in and take them.  Our local leisure centre does a big fun inflatable swim on Saturday afternoons with a giant blow-up slide in the pool, so the girls were in their total element.  I sat on the side watching YouTube video’s and sporting this very sexy footwear.


On Sunday, my Dad treated us all to a yummy Sunday roast at a local pub and then came back to our place for a glass of vino and helped me put the vinyl letters on my pallet herb garden.  He did a good job and insisted on his picture being put on Facebook with the caption “High guys, I’m back in business” I do love that bloke.

*Drugs Disclaimer* Weed is a joke sign.. those are actually Marigolds.

FullSizeRender (81)

Inbetween the rain showers (b*stard weather) we painted our pallet benches for the decking – it’s all started to come together now and I’m so flipping excited about it.

FullSizeRender (83)

Shan was clearly exhausted after all of these shenanigans and crashed out early for once. Miracle! She falls asleep every night with this little mask on and it melts my heart.  She’ll kill me if she realises this is on the blog. HA. Lol.

FullSizeRender (80)

That’s it for this weekend dudes – I’m off to work now.. Monday morning seems to creep up so fast on us these days. Luckily I love my job too so it’s not too much of a tragedy.

Have a great week!

Kerry x


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Floral jumpsuits, Cocktails on the deck & Mountain views – #littleloves

This week has been filled with food, food and more food. We’re eating more healthily and cutting out carbs – I’m not the best cook and defo not creative so I’ve taken to reading loads of recipe books and following recipes for dinners this week. It seems to have worked so far! Anyhoo – on with my #littleloves for this week:


For someone who loves to read I seem to fail miserably at this category every week. I spend all day reading online for work, so much so that my head is constantly spinning – yet I can never pick one thing that seems cool enough for this category.  I did however hop over to an old blog I used to read when I lived in Cape-Town – Kelly-Anne’s blog. Kelly-Anne started blogging as a child and is now around 18 years old, she runs a little online craft shop and makes the most beautiful things. She also bakes, sews, you name it – that girl can do it! She wrote a beautiful post on visiting her grandmother in the mountains and the scenery was just breathtaking. It made me miss home SO much! I wish I was brave enough to live somewhere this secluded.


{Source – Kelly-Anne’s blog}


I watched Shan get all stroppy playing pool with us in the pub. HA! We don’t go there too often (it’s the pub we used to own) but now and then we head down there for a visit and Shan insists on CHEATING us at pool. It’s fun to watch. Lol.




On Friday I headed out with 20 girls to celebrate some birthdays. It was a fab night and I stepped outside my comfort zone and wore this floral jumpsuit from New Look. Yip – NO black here guys, miracle. It was so comfy and a size smaller than usual so I was over the moon. I forgot to take a full selfie shot so this is the best I could come up with in the car. Haha.


It looks like this on, I wore mine with flat gold sparkly sandals but you could absolutely dress it up with heels/wedges too.


{New Look}



My friend posted this song on Facebook and it’s STUCK in my brain all week – Thanks Kerri! It’s country / cheese fest / poppy and I love it! Whack it on full blast and dance around the living room. Go on.


As I mentioned I’ve been trying to whip up some yummy healthy meals this week – my Instagram feed is literally filled with food.  This salad was from the Essentials magazine – butternut, sweet potato, pomegranate seeds, rocket and baby leaf salad, feta and a nutty yoghurt dressing. Seriously YUM.



And Lastly


Our pallet decking is coming on so well – we’ve been working our bums off to get it ready for the summer. I still can’t believe we did all this for FREE! Dave whipped up our benches this week, now to paint and decorate them with cushions and lights and all the pretty things… We’re so close to it being done – I can’t wait to lounge on it  in the sunshine with a cocktail!

pallet furniture

So those were my #littleloves for this week – what were yours? Link up to Butwhymummywhy’s shmexy linky by clicking the badge below.  Happy Friday dudes!




DIY: How to make a Herb Garden from a Pallet

A couple of weeks ago I posted about our Spring Garden on a Budget

We’ve been working our socks off in the garden on every dry day possible –  making everything out of pallets. EVERYTHING.

I saw a pallet herb garden on Pinterest and thought it would be a perfect project for my back fence. So… we got this huge double pallet for Free and Dave screwed it into the back fence.


The girls sanded it with a little Black & Decker mouse sander – it literally took about 30 minutes to do the whole thing, and then we painted it with ‘Vintage Rose’ exterior wood paint.  The paint was Johnstone’s, available at B&M. They currently have a gorgeous range of pastel garden paints so grab some while you can!


And Ta-Daaaa! All painted and ready for the herbs to go into it.  I’m not ultra green-fingered so I decided to order some vinyl lettering from eBay to remind me what each herb is… Stop laughing. The letters are custom made with the names of the herbs so that I can peel and stick them onto the front of it. They were super cheap – I think I got 60 letters for £9 delivered.  As soon as they arrive and I’ve filled it up I’ll do a follow-up post so you can see the finished result!

This project is super budget-friendly, yet useful and beautiful too!  I’ll be scouring the car boots for some herbs as well as keeping an eye on my local Aldi.  They recently had a 6 herbs for £3.50 deal so I grabbed one of those and wished I’d bought a couple more!


I’m kinda hoping it’s going to end up something like this…



Eeeekk! I love it! Next week I’ll be sharing our pallet furniture too which Dave made to go onto our deck. It’s pretty awesome stuff.

What have you been doing in the garden this Spring? I’d love you to share your idea’s / pins in the comments section 🙂

Kerry x

The Weekend Post – #1

My weekend in pictures. A bit of partying. A LOT of painting and sanding 🙂

Probably the best selfie I’ve ever taken


I jumped on the Primark tshirt bandwagon and busted out this bad boy. Yip, not much I love more than wifi 🙂


Oh presents in the mail… how I love thee! I joined the #stationeryswaptastic swap organised by Innocent Charms Chats.  The awesome Vikki from Love From Mummy sent me these gorgeous gifts to feed my stationery addiction – you ROCK sweets!


On Sunday we went to my friend’s little boys birthday tea – he turned 5 and is obsessed with all things Belle. Bless him. Although it’s debatable as whether this is Belle on the cake or a drag queen. haha!



Sunday night = snack night, especially now the new series Home Fires has started! Dave really should be the cook in our house, he whips up stuff like this out of nothing. Love that boy.


Our decking is coming along and yesterday we whipped up our benches out of the pallets we have left. It took me most of the day to sand those bad boys – now to paint and decorate… all the fun stuff! I’ve got more posts coming on how we did this if you’re interested.


As we’re eating healthy, I decided to give a recipe in the Essentials magazine a go. It’s a vegetarian salad of butternut, sweet potato, beetroot, rocket, pomegrantate seeds and a delicious nutty dressing. YUMSVILLE.



So that’s what we got up to this Bank Holiday weekend, pretty chilled.. lots of food and diy. Pretty good weekend all in all. What have you guys been up to?

I captured some of this in my weekly vlog this week – here it is if you have 30 mins to chill out and look at my awful hair.

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Dragging them through the Daff’s – #CountryKids

Getting teens out into the fresh air WITH THEIR PARENTS is a pretty daunting task. It’s tricky. It takes bribery. And pleading. All of your dignity is pretty much thrown out the window.

Once they actually agree to coming out with you for the day (Go you) they may or may not proceed to stomp around with a face of thunder for most of the time you are out, depending on their hormonal spike that day. That hour. That second.

We live pretty close to the amazing city of Bath so we decided to drag them up to Victoria Park for a round of mini-golf and walk through the park.  Yip we bribed them with MacDonalds. But that came much later and was actually a total rip-off. Not even worthy of a picture.

Oh how I love thee Bath…


The park itself is situated right in the city centre, although you would never know.. it’s absolutely stunning! It boasts a HUGE children’s adventure playground, crazy golf, tennis courts, skate park, botanical gardens and loads of park space.  In the summer we go to watch the outdoor cinema here too. It really is a gorgeous place to spend the day.

It was raining a little bit the day we went but we still pressed on, moody teen in play too.  The crazy golf was pretty busy and we were quite competitive with each other from the first hole. Ha!


I think Dave won in the end, although our scoring system was pretty upside-down. Shan did really well and came in close second 🙂  After golf we took a walk through the daff’s. At this point the teens crossed the road because posing in Daffodil’s is JUST SO CHEESY AND EMBARRASSING MOM!

IMG_1088 IMG_1095

I did manage to snap this pic of Tayla though, I caught her unaware and I absolutely love it. It’s good in black and white too and I’ve ordered a print of it much to her disgust.



We had a fab day in the end and I even managed to get a pic of all 3 of them together for the first time in yonks.  Still little girls at heart 🙂

IMG_1136How have you been enjoying this gorgeous sunshine? Read more outdoorsy stuff with kids over on #CountryKids by clicking the badge below.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Thanks for stopping by, have an AWESOME weekend,

Kerry x


Red Lippy Love, Little Dancer & Xenophobia – #LittleLoves

Well the kids are back to school, the sun is shining, I’ve been busy planning out and working on the garden… yip Spring is definitely in the air! Here are my #littleloves from this week 🙂


This gorgeous post over on Charlotte’s blog: Write like No-ones Watching .. She’s picked out a few of her favourite H&M Home range stuffs and I’m in love with them ALL!!! How beautiful are those cushions? That rug? That copper lamp thing? Eeek..

H&M Home Spring

{Source – Write like no-ones watching}



I’ve been watching the last few minutes of Tay & Shan’s dance lessons the last couple of weeks.. I’m so super proud of how they are both doing in their dance routines. They dance with such passion and attitude and literally push themselves to the limit. Absolute Proud Mom Moment here.


I’ve lost  a little bit of weight recently so I’m having a serious I HATE EVERYTHING IN MY WARDROBE PHASE because nothing fits. So I thought I’d show you this super bright red lippy I received in my GlossyBox yesterday. THOSE.FISH.LIPS.



I’m so late to the party on this one… but this song is beautiful.


The gorgeous weather over the last couple of weeks has meant that our eating habits have been more geared towards summer… no more stodge, bring on the FRUITICLES!

Frozen black forest berries, yoghurt, a banana and a splash of milk whipped together = one gorgeous breakfast smoothie.

And Lastly

This isn’t a Little Love as such, but more about spreading a little love…. As some of you will know, I’m South African born and bred. The recent xenophobia attacks in Durban have really shook me up. I stupidly googled ‘News on Xenophobia’ and was redirected to the most gruesome, shocking video where they set a 12 year old boy on FIRE because he wasn’t from South-Africa. It’s disgusting, revolting and inhumane. 7 years ago when I lived in Cape-Town, there were xenophobia attacks on the locals.  A friend and I volunteered to help at the camp where the refugees were being held and what I saw there absolutely broke my heart.  My post ‘REFUGEES’ is still live on my old blog here. It’s worth a read. You will need a tissue 🙁

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Summer Garden on a budget – #PinAddicts Linky 2

We recently moved into a new rented home.  The house is newly renovated throughout which is lovely but the garden is a SHAMBLES. Like huge patches of MUD and uneven grass all the way through.  Its a long, narrow garden with quite a bit of space and a footpath splitting it up the middle leading to a gate which opens up onto the neighbouring farmer’s cornfield.

It needs a LOT of work. Dave and I are not very green-fingered although we would like to be. The garden screams SPEND MONEY ON ME AND DIG UNTIL YOU CAN’T DIG NO MORE.

Neither of which really appeals to us. But we opted to dig. And patch up. And source free stuff to make the garden a happy sunshiney place to enjoy this summer.

Dave had a week off last week and literally spent every waking moment in the garden with our friend James (aka Mr Sydenhams.. lol) He managed to source us some free pallets, brought over all his tools and we were OFF.

This is the general plan for the layout of the garden taken from about halfway up the garden. Look at my awesome washing. Real blog worthy pic stuff.

Garden LayoutAs always, inspired by Pinterest we decided to give it a go..

pallet seating






I’ve got some detailed posts coming on how we built our deck and shed base using pallets so watch out for those in the next couple of weeks – in the meantime here’s a sneak peek of our decking… I’m so flipping proud of the boys.. they did an amazing job! The girls and I had the job of staining it << tough stuff for us.

FullSizeRender (16)


The furniture and tables and borders and plants etc all still need to be done, but it’s a work-in-progress and we hope to have it completed before the next half term 🙂 We did a quick tally up and the total cost for the decking so far comes in at around £80… total steal! You can source free pallets at local warehousing/distribution companies or even at your local supermarkets.  I found some pretty cheap on eBay too.

My next project while Dave cracks on with the furniture is my pallet herb garden.. I’m hoping it’s going to end up something like this 🙂




What are you doing in your garden this summer? Do you have any cool pins to share with me? Let me know in the comments pleeeeasse! I’d love to chat to you.

This is my entry to this week’s #PinAddicts challenge – have you recreated something you found on Pinterest? Please link it up into the linky below and join our awesome Pin-Mad community!

Kerry x