Be Brilliant Everyday, Sweet Roses, SO much Cheese – #littleloves

I’m jumping back on the blogging bandwagon with #littleloves after taking a month off. Yes a whole month. I don’t think that’s really acceptable in blogland but I needed the time out to just sort stuff out. I’ve been sticking to my exercise and healthy eating and I know that’s made me cope with stress so much better.  I’m so loving the warm days and long, light evenings – they lift my spirits and motivate me so much more than soggy old grey rain. So here’s what I’ve been loving this last week – my #littleloves



Slight cheat as I haven’t actually read this yet. Dave attended a meeting in London and they gave everyone in the company this book to read. It comes highly recommended on Amazon boasting 4.5 stars and I’m excited to sink my teeth into it this weekend.


I’ve been watching this for the last couple of weeks. There really are some heart-breaking stories in this world – I’m so grateful I can provide the basics for my kids, when so many parents just can’t, whether due to emotional, financial or drug / alcohol related issues. This program shows not all parents are raging drug addicts, some simply can’t cope and the foster parent system comes in as a saving grace for these children.  It’s a good show, go watch it 🙂



My spinning leggings. Ha! You won’t lose me in these babies.  I’ve so been enjoying my new exercise regime (coming from a girl who was literally STUCK to the sofa!!) I treated myself to these leggings when I dropped a dress size. BOOM.


Dave and I hit the local car boot sale and this song came on the radio while we were driving. I absolutely Love Love Love it and have been blaring it while working this week. You’ll be surprised how many Milky Chance songs you may know if you look them up, I honestly thought I’d never heard of them before. Lol.



With the warm summer evenings finally gracing us with their presence, I haven’t felt much like slaving over a hot stove.  So we’ve been treating ourselves to snacky dinners a couple of nights a week. Nom Nom Nom.

And Lastly


My friend and I went walking on Monday night with Shan. She collected all of the flowers on the side of the road and made me this beautiful posy. It only lasted 2 days but the smell of that rose was just unbelievable. I got 100 sniffs out of that baby at least.  Small things folks, small things.

Because when you stop and look around this life is pretty amazing.


Linking up to the awesome ButWhyMummyWhy with #littleloves this week – go check out her post on Working from Home – it struck a chord with me for sure! Have a great week my lovelies.

Kerry x




12 thoughts on “Be Brilliant Everyday, Sweet Roses, SO much Cheese – #littleloves

  1. Anna-Marie

    Summer is such a good excuse not to cook isn’t it? I hate cooking when its so hot outside! Loving your spinning leggings! Hope the sun shines for you this weekend!

    1. Kerry Lovebump Post author

      Thanks so much! Yip I’ve been loving the sun this week! Hope you’ve had a fab week – Kerry x

    1. Kerry Lovebump Post author

      It’s fab isn’t it – I’m hooked on Milky Chance this week! ha! Aah the gym is amazing – honestly never thought I’d say that! haha! Sorry for the late reply, been manic! Kerry x

    1. Kerry Lovebump Post author

      OMG picky food is my absolute weakness! 🙂 Thanks so much lovely xx

  2. Alice

    The fostering programme has been a real eye opener, so hard for the kids and their parents. Well done on sticking to your regime, hope it keeps going well 🙂 have a lovely weekend xx p.s. your cheese board looks delicious!

    1. Kerry Lovebump Post author

      Thanks so much! Sorry for the late reply – it’s been a manic week! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Kerry xx

  3. Clare

    Those flowers are lush! I miss having flowers in the house, but with a boy that has a compulsion to pick them it is just a complete waste. I love the quote, it is so true. When you stop and take stock of everything, we have it pretty damn good! xx

    1. Kerry Lovebump Post author

      Aw bless him! We’re all girls here but I’m the only one that actually likes flowers – haha! Thanks for stopping by xx

  4. Morgana @ butwhymummywhy

    What a fantastic Little Loves, so great to have you back.
    Good on you with the exercise regime and with dropping a dress size. I was checking out a spinning class while waiting for the girls at their swimming lessons. I’m considering braving it to a class once E’s at school in September but I’m a bit scared!
    Have a lovely week xx

    1. Kerry Lovebump Post author

      Thanks Morgana! I just do a 30 minutes Beginner Spinner class, I’m dead afterwards but I love it and after 4 months I can really see a difference in my legs – Go for it, you’ll get hooked quickly 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Kerry x

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