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Hello 2018

Two years.

Two years since I sat down and wrote a blog post here. Why has it taken so long? I have no idea. I suppose you get out of the habit of posting and as one of the worlds biggest procrastinators I kept thinking it would take me hours to search out my login details when in reality it literally took 30 seconds on an email search for ‘Blog Login Details’. *insert rolling eye emoji please*

I could sit and tell you all about my life over the last 2 years in one blog post, but I honestly don’t know where I’d begin. And I think the stories will come out throughout the course of this year in one way or another.  It’ll be like a little time travel of sorts, so stick with me.

I haven’t come here with anything particularly profound to say or because of a New Years resolution. (Happy New Year to you all by the way) I’ve just come here because the little voice in my head that says ‘Stop thinking about it, just get off your arse and f***ing do it’ has actually won the day.  She’s a persistent little bugger and I love her stubbornness and strong will. Also, blogging is good for my soul.


So here I am. I took the first leap. And now I think I’ve broken the 2 year thick ice, I can start coming here without explanation and just share my shizz with you.

If anyone’s actually reading this, my loyal blog reading friend…. I freaking love you.

*Side note, on going to hit Publish my internet went down for an hour… I still came back and made sure this went live though. This whole New Year, New Me thing is exhilarating isn’t it… boom*

A change is gonna come..

kez_online_rebrandI’ve been planning to rebrand for YEARS. I’ve been dabbling and faffing and listening to others and reading LOTS of articles about whether or not to rebrand… But it’s time.  My blog has evolved from little people parenting to teen/tween parenting, social media & bits of stuff I love.  And that’s the plan.  It’s me. Kez. And I’m online.  I’ll write about all sorts of stuff I love and sometimes I’ll video it too.  If you’ve been here since the start, thanks for sticking with me, I luff you! If you’re new – welcome to this little piece of chaos, Kez Online.  Bear with me while I sort all the techie stuff, I’m sorting it bit by bit and soon this space will be filled with awesome.

Thanks for stopping by, Kez x