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Skinny Jeans, Bake Fail & Pink Parcel lovin’ – #littleloves

Some of my #littleloves from this past week – linking up with the awesome ButWhyMummyWhy 🙂


I’m busy reading Gone Girl. I’m REALLY struggling to get into it though.. it received raving reviews but I literally cannot get past page 10. Apparently I have to read it before I see the film though so I’m ploughing through it!


We finally finished Homeland… what the HELL was that ending all about?! GUTTED. Apart from that I haven’t watched much tv or even a lot on YouTube. We did manage to watch First Dates though and the older couple really touched my heart.


We went out a LOT last weekend. We can literally go months without a night out and then everything seems to happen on one weekend. I was out with work Friday night for a curry and then my darling sister came down for the weekend so we went out for a meal and drinks with friends. It was a fab weekend and absolutely needed by us all. I managed to fit into my skinny jeans while seriously sucking in and unable to breathe but I still GOT THEM ON! Boom! Skinny_Jeans


I’ve been introduced to the James Bay album and I love love love it! This song has probably been overplayed but it’s still awesome 🙂


I’m a terrible baker. Like the worst in the world. I just don’t have the patience for it. However I CAN whip up these awesome Bran Muffins in less than 5 minutes and they are Super delish. The recipe is on my blog Here – so flipping scrummy! The mixture keeps for 30 days in an airtight container in the fridge so you can bake as required or bake and freeze. Perfecto.

Bran_MuffinAnd Lastly

I’m still vlogging away and found this cool little company called ‘Pink Parcel’ It’s basically a monthly subscription box that is delivered to you around the time your ‘Aunty Flo’ comes to visit and it’s filled with essentials and treats. I loved it so much I decided to blab about it in this video

And that’s me done for the week! Click the badge below for more #littleloves from around blogland. Have an awesome weekend!

Kerry x