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Styling, Pancake love and being Present #littleloves

It’s been a busy week in our house, working from home with half-term looming is never an easy feat, I’m trying to stay calm and organised… trying…! Here are my little loves from this past week.


This week I found the Wonderlass blog. Oh man oh man.  I have serious blog envy.  She is such an inspiration to me and this post on styling blog photo’s is super informative without any techie jargon.  She has a whole pinterest board for styling and staging too.  You’ll spend an hour over here, grab yourself a cuppa!

wonderlass photo

Image Credit: wonderlass.com


Jericho. My mom has got us hooked on this so we’re watching it on catchup as we’re a couple of weeks behind. Set in the Yorkshire Dales in 1870 it shows how truly simple life was back then, but also terrifying in a way – disease, murders… no real laws or regulations as they were setting up this town. Also, I flipping love Jessica Raine.

Image Credit: itv.com


Excuse the crappy camera quality. I have no idea why it’s so bad! I finally fit into my denim high-waisted shorts after 2 years of shoving them to the back of my cupboard.  As it’s still bloody FREEZING I paired them up with some tights and ‘horse-riding’ boots. lol.



Niamh introduced me to this song. I’m addicted, I literally listen to it 10 times a day. It’s a gorgeous chune, you’ve got to play it LOUD.


Pancaaaaaaaaakkeeess!!!!!!!!!!! Nom!


And Lastly

It’s been a busy busy week work-wise.  It’s fantastic of course, but staying focused is easier said than done.  I’ve really tried to curb my social media prowling, not so many YouTube video’s being watched or aimlessly scrolling through Twitter.  I installed an app on my phone which monitors how many hours you’ve spent on your phone during the day – it was an eye opener. 4 hours is just ridiculous, even if it does include a few calls.

Be there.:

Pin: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/68730191015/

Have a lovely weekend all!

Kez x


These are the good old days… #Littleloves

What better way to launch back into blogging for good than to join up with Morgana’s lovely linky: ‘Little Loves’ – it’s the perfect Catch-up-with-me post. So here are some of my Little Loves from this past week:


These are the good old days.  I saw this online this week and the words struck a chord with me.  So often we are rushing around doing day-to-day stuff that we forget to notice the present.  There’s a whole wave of ‘mindfulness’ and soul-searching happening in the world at the moment as people come to realise this more and more.  I’m printing this baby out for the wall.

good old days


McDonalds France has created this amazing video – turning people into emoji’s.  I’m an emoji lover and this video filled me with happiness. Ha!


I’m a 90’s chick.  When I spotted this CD in POUNDLAND of all places I couldn’t resist the urge to buy it for my car.  I spend a lot of time taxi-ing the girls about so they will be THRILLED to get swap Alanis Morisette for these legendary tunes.  🙂 ‘The Sign’, ‘Sweets for my Sweet’, ‘Saturday Night’ …. awww yeah!



Slight cheat… I haven’t actually made anything out of these…….. yet. But I spotted these in Lidl at 99p for 3 and the stationery geek in me squealed with joy!   I’m planning to make lots. Or just stare at them all day. They’re full of happy aren’t they?



Again, another slight cheat… I ‘wore’ this Snapchat filter and cracked a laugh from my moody teen (yip, that’s her in the background… oh I am wearing her new scarf too… so double whammy) Oh snapchat I heart you.  Add me if you’re a snapper! Kerry1231


And Lastly..

Not to keep banging on about it.. but yes, I’ve had a slight tweak to this blog.  I’ve had mixed reactions to the change… people seemed to like ‘The Lovebump’ so I’m having little panics that I’ve made the wrong choice.  I just felt my readers and potential new readers didn’t really know the meaning of Lovebump and assumed me to be pregnant or porn. Ha! Kez Online encompasses everything in my world from kids to food to fitness to entrepreneurship to travel to social media to fun… all the stuff in my life.  I know people don’t like change, heck I’m the biggest culprit of that, but this is a positive one… stick with me here.

Have a great week my lovelies!

Kez x

Camping, Curry and Making your Soul Happy – #littleloves

So, we spent the last week and a bit camping in Cornwall. We were so excited to pack up the car, set off to the campsite and envisaged long, summer days – bodyboarding on the beach and drinking cocktails as the sun went down.  The reality was something quite different.  It RAINED. NEARLY.EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

Not just a bit of rain, it actually stormed, thunder & lightning on 2 days and we woke up one morning with our clothes literally swimming around us in ankle deep water. Not cool.  We packed up a day early and literally couldn’t wait to get home to our dry, comfy beds. Holiday fail.  Anyway – post to follow on what we did actually get up to while dodging the torrential rain!

The #littleloves linky forced us to find some happiness from the week and I came up with these – Enjoy!


Mercy – Jodi Picoult – available on Amazon*

I found a book stall at a local market which was selling all of their new books for just £2 each.  Bargain! I picked up this Jodi Picoult book ‘Mercy’ and finished it in just under 2 days.  The story follows the court case of a man who killed his wife at her request because she was dying of cancer. A ‘Mercy Killing’ – it was a brilliant read and I even choked back a few tears at how she describes the relationship of these 2 people.  A good read, literally couldn’t put it down!


Wi-Fi on the campsite was limited but we managed to stream Netflix and a few YouTube video’s including our faves – The Michalaks.  This couple deserve so many more subscribers – they make London life look so flipping cool and their edit’s are AMAZING! I’ve even got Dave hooked on watching their weekly vlog every Sunday.  Boom.




Because of the glorious weather we just lived in our hoodies all week. I wish I was typing bikini’s right now.. but hoodies it is.  At least we paired our sunglasses with them so it looked semi-hot.


I know, I know – I must have been living under a rock.  This song was released in February and I’ve only just added it to my playlist.  I love it.  I’m pretty much loving a lot of Meghan Trainor at the moment.


Bit of a cheat.. I didn’t actually make this.  Niamh did.  She whipped this up one night over our little gas stove in the rain and she vlogged it too – Video Below 🙂 IMG_5143

And lastly..


Holidays always give you time to sort of reflect on life don’t they – the hustle and bustle of every day all sort of rolls into one and is what we call ‘Life’.  It can be exhausting.  I find this time of year stupidly overwhelming – running a business with 3 kids home in the summer holidays is no walk in the park.

Especially as the girls are older now, they aren’t entertained by things like softplay, park trips or half an hour smushing playdough into everything.  Their needs change and in turn, so do mine.  It all takes a little adjusting, a little tweaking and most days I feel like I’m never doing anything right.

Tonight I sat on my bed and forced myself to finish this blog post without getting up to do anything else.  I’ve been interrupted countless times but I’ve still refused to get up.  I’m not going anywhere until it’s written, tagged, categorised and scheduled for ButWhyMummyWhy’s linky in the morning.  I love to write, to take photo’s, to reflect on things we’ve done – I need to do this for me, it makes my soul smile.

Hope you’ve had a great week lovelies,

Kerry x



*affiliate link

Red Lippy Love, Little Dancer & Xenophobia – #LittleLoves

Well the kids are back to school, the sun is shining, I’ve been busy planning out and working on the garden… yip Spring is definitely in the air! Here are my #littleloves from this week 🙂


This gorgeous post over on Charlotte’s blog: Write like No-ones Watching .. She’s picked out a few of her favourite H&M Home range stuffs and I’m in love with them ALL!!! How beautiful are those cushions? That rug? That copper lamp thing? Eeek..

H&M Home Spring

{Source – Write like no-ones watching}



I’ve been watching the last few minutes of Tay & Shan’s dance lessons the last couple of weeks.. I’m so super proud of how they are both doing in their dance routines. They dance with such passion and attitude and literally push themselves to the limit. Absolute Proud Mom Moment here.


I’ve lost  a little bit of weight recently so I’m having a serious I HATE EVERYTHING IN MY WARDROBE PHASE because nothing fits. So I thought I’d show you this super bright red lippy I received in my GlossyBox yesterday. THOSE.FISH.LIPS.



I’m so late to the party on this one… but this song is beautiful.


The gorgeous weather over the last couple of weeks has meant that our eating habits have been more geared towards summer… no more stodge, bring on the FRUITICLES!

Frozen black forest berries, yoghurt, a banana and a splash of milk whipped together = one gorgeous breakfast smoothie.

And Lastly

This isn’t a Little Love as such, but more about spreading a little love…. As some of you will know, I’m South African born and bred. The recent xenophobia attacks in Durban have really shook me up. I stupidly googled ‘News on Xenophobia’ and was redirected to the most gruesome, shocking video where they set a 12 year old boy on FIRE because he wasn’t from South-Africa. It’s disgusting, revolting and inhumane. 7 years ago when I lived in Cape-Town, there were xenophobia attacks on the locals.  A friend and I volunteered to help at the camp where the refugees were being held and what I saw there absolutely broke my heart.  My post ‘REFUGEES’ is still live on my old blog here. It’s worth a read. You will need a tissue 🙁

Those are my #littleloves for the week! Linking up to the shmexy Butwhymummywhy as always, click the badge below for more!