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Styling, Pancake love and being Present #littleloves

It’s been a busy week in our house, working from home with half-term looming is never an easy feat, I’m trying to stay calm and organised… trying…! Here are my little loves from this past week.


This week I found the Wonderlass blog. Oh man oh man.  I have serious blog envy.  She is such an inspiration to me and this post on styling blog photo’s is super informative without any techie jargon.  She has a whole pinterest board for styling and staging too.  You’ll spend an hour over here, grab yourself a cuppa!

wonderlass photo

Image Credit: wonderlass.com


Jericho. My mom has got us hooked on this so we’re watching it on catchup as we’re a couple of weeks behind. Set in the Yorkshire Dales in 1870 it shows how truly simple life was back then, but also terrifying in a way – disease, murders… no real laws or regulations as they were setting up this town. Also, I flipping love Jessica Raine.

Image Credit: itv.com


Excuse the crappy camera quality. I have no idea why it’s so bad! I finally fit into my denim high-waisted shorts after 2 years of shoving them to the back of my cupboard.  As it’s still bloody FREEZING I paired them up with some tights and ‘horse-riding’ boots. lol.



Niamh introduced me to this song. I’m addicted, I literally listen to it 10 times a day. It’s a gorgeous chune, you’ve got to play it LOUD.


Pancaaaaaaaaakkeeess!!!!!!!!!!! Nom!


And Lastly

It’s been a busy busy week work-wise.  It’s fantastic of course, but staying focused is easier said than done.  I’ve really tried to curb my social media prowling, not so many YouTube video’s being watched or aimlessly scrolling through Twitter.  I installed an app on my phone which monitors how many hours you’ve spent on your phone during the day – it was an eye opener. 4 hours is just ridiculous, even if it does include a few calls.

Be there.:

Pin: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/68730191015/

Have a lovely weekend all!

Kez x


Blogging. The Effing honest truth.

Last weekend I attended the Blog on Cymru conference in Wales. It was just over the bridge for me and so awesome to have a conference closer to home than London Town. When I saw the lovely Boy and Me shouting all about it on Facebook I knew if she was involved that it would be pretty awesome so I took the plunge and bought a ticket.

My blogging has sort of expanded to vlogging and as a Social Media Manager I work within Social Media everyday so since I’ve been doing this such a long time, I was unsure as to what more there was to learn.

For me, it was great to meet up with fellow bloggers – Viv from 76 Sunflowers, Ali from Over A Cuppa ( who literally gave me her cuppa on the train as I was dying of thirstation!) Karin from Embrace Happy , Ojo from Ojosworld and Jenny from Mummy Mishaps. It’s always great to just natter away to people about blogging, social stuff, SEO, stats and not to have people look at you as if you’ve completely flipped your lid.

As far as the first session goes – Working with Brands – it was interesting to hear people’s viewpoints on this from both sides of the fence. Listening to the kind of things brands look for in a blog was good, go CHECK YOUR ABOUT ME page! Mine is about 2 years out-dated. Ugh.

*Bitching alert* Ok…  I heard the term ‘Mummy Blogger’ being thrown around a bit and I for one cringe every time – I know there are lots of awesome Mummy Bloggers in Blog land and I sort of am one of those I suppose but I see my blog as a brand in itself. My YouTube channel as a brand… My humour and writing as a brand. I do worry that the term Mummy Blogger gives a generalisation to bloggers of my age or in the same circumstances as me when really we are Writers, Content Creators, Photographers, Marketing Guru’s, BLOGGERS of all sorts of things!  This is perhaps why I have shyed away from attending blogging conferences like Britmums for the last couple of years. The sponsors / chats / networks are very focused on Mum & Baby brands and I’m way past that stage. I’m not a fashion blogger or even a foodie expert so just where the hell do I fit in?

Lifestyle? This too is a broad term as I think that serving up nuggets, chips and beans to 3 arguing teens/tweens who are mainly worried about how ‘high’ their hair can be and how short their ties can be, on top of working a job and running a house on a budget is hardly a ‘Lifestyle’ kind of blog.

Parent Blogger? Yes I blog about my kids and food and organisational stuff, but I also blog about stuff that’s just ME, like photography and work stuff and brain cancer.

Maybe there isn’t a genre I really fit into. To be honest, I’m struggling to edit my About page.

“Hi, I’m Kerry. This is a blog about whatever the F*ck pops into my head, I’ll blog whenever I feel like it.  Sometimes I’ll vlog about it too. I’m obsessed with Social Media Marketing. I don’t really give a sh*t about blog stats as I’ve got a busy life to live. However, I have an awesome community of readers who love to comment and read the stuff I write. I LOVE to write. I love to make people laugh. I love to read awesome stuff.  I have 3 girls who I love to death. They love to moan and whine and shout and love and laugh and dance and ride ponies. They’re pretty freaking awesome. I have a gorgeous fiancee who puts up with more crap than he should in a house full of girls. If you like a bit of this and a bit of that with some pretty good photo’s dotted around the place then please, for the love of God, stick around. “

It’s not going to draw readers or brands in is it? But that’s how I feel. This is my space – I don’t want to have to conform to bashing out 300 words with 5 links to promote something, or watch my language because I have a large following of non-blasphemers. (Love you guys) I don’t like reading bad language on a blog, I love the English language too much for that, so if I feel I have to use it, I always *star* it out. Like this. Oh sh*t. You get the gist.

Anyhoo back to the conference –  I got the chance to play with my camera during Capture by Lucy’s awesome photography workshop. I could’ve listened to that woman talk all day. In actual fact, I can because I just found out she does Podcasts so I’m downloading them to listen to this week. That woman knows her STUFF man. Cake boards as reflectors for light? AWESOME.

IMG_0136 (1)


Yip. Love that stuff.

Overall I had a really fun day, it was nice to do something for me and to just relax and soak it all in. But I think I’m going to stick to bashing the posts out when they come to me. When I feel like it. And hope that I’ve put enough thought and energy into them that when you see them pop up into your blog roll that you’re excited to open it and read it as a little treat.

If you love YouTube, I filmed the day too – check this out 🙂

Happy Monday dudes!

Kerry x

Cousin Love

cousin loveOur little speckle starts school in September. How can it possibly be 4 years since she was brought into our lives?  This kid screams cute, pretty, funny & she has the wildest of souls. She sure gives my sister a run for her money but I know she wouldn’t change her for the world.

My girls absolutely adore her and have the greatest of patience – she’s just like a little sister to them. So the photo…. I took this on Christmas Day, it was freezing freezing cold but these 2 decided they had to have their ‘PITCHA’ taken in their new dresses. I love how her hair caught the light and how they are reaching for each other’s hands. So flipping sweet.

So this is Day 3 of the B&W Photography Project – I was invited by the amazing Viv who blogs at 76sunflowers. On Day 1 I invited Emma from Life at the Little Wood and yesterday I invited Tracy from Momoftwosalums to take part.

Today I’m nominating Samantha from Happily A Housewife – she is one of my favourite YouTubers and is so super organized and lovely. Seriously, pour a glass of wine and catch up on her video’s, you won’t regret it!

Happy Wednesday dudes,

Kerry x



5 Day B&W Photo Challenge: Day 1 – Sisters

When I fell in love with photography all those years ago, I used to edit most of my pictures into Sepia or B&W – probably to hide my oily skin, blemishes and to make everyone look like shmodels.. but that’s beside the point. I love photography, especially in Black & White.

So when the gorgeous Viv tagged me in the B&W Photography project I was super excited and planned all the wonderful things I would shoot on my first day. My first day brought me rain, dirty washing, box unpacking and general housework. Hardly picture-worthy.

I decided to dig through my albums and found this B&W photo from last summer. This is my little sister and I at her daughter’s 4th birthday party. It was a boiling hot stonker of a day and we took a few minutes to go and mess around with the camera before all of the chaos started. We may or may not have consumed an entire jug of Pimm’s by this point too. I love this happy photo, it never fails to put a huge smile on my face.



So, the challenge.
1. Post a black and white photo each day for five days.
2. Invite another blogger photo taker to take part each day.

I’m inviting Emma from Life at the Little Wood to take part, she has an amazing sense of style ( I literally want to steal everything in her wardrobe) and the most beautiful home. Emma – you may have taken part already but I’m giving it a shot anyway!

Canal Stomping – #CountryKids

A few weeks ago we set off to a local canal to have a welly stomp. The weather’s been so flipping cold so we haven’t got out as much as we’d hoped. I need to learn the art of layering  – my African blood can’t warm up in the cold! Anyhoo, we took the 2 younger ones and had a couple of hours discovering the barges, the eccentric but lovely people who live here and even found a heron or 2.


What chu’ lookin’ at guuuurrrlll? Lol.IMG_1249

Although I couldn’t live on the river in such a confined space, I admire the people who do. It seems a pretty simple life. Almost everyone has a bicycle stowed on top of their barge and this one even had a Christmas Tree 🙂 IMG_1245

The girls found this old rope swing to have a go on, it snapped. I wished I’d filmed it. << Horrible mother alert.IMG_1244

This bbq was connected up by various wires to the gas thing. Improvisation people. Improvisation.IMG_1242


My story-telling heart wants to believe this is a veggie patch on top of their house in the summertime. So we’re going with veggie patch and not random chunks of weeds and grass.


Shan’s at this stage now – the Chinese pose stage. E.V.E.R.Y photo I take of her has the ‘peace and pout.’IMG_1238

The Grey Hare was the Creme da le Creme of the boats we found, a lovely albeit eccentric man came over to tell us about her. I filmed him secretly but can’t find the footage, I’ll blog it as soon as I do because his story was so interesting and I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. 
IMG_1237 IMG_1236A cafe on the river? Yes… a full-on teashop with indoor and outdoor seating. We didn’t have any cash on us but will definitely be returning for tea and cake!
IMG_1235 IMG_1230

I absolutely love this – ‘Life’s too short, Eat Pudding 1st’ – this was made for me! IMG_1226 IMG_1224I have no idea where she gets this photography obsession from 😉 How cute is that little tripod??

I loved how this little girl was sat for ages just talking away to the swans. Oh the sweet innocence 🙂 IMG_1219


And that was our walk! We sort of stumbled across this by accident by searching local short walks in our area online, it was such a lovely couple of hours out in the fresh air and didn’t cost a penny, even the car park was free. Hurrah!

Where have you been galavanting recently?

Check out lots more adventures at the fabulous #CountryKids linky – click the badge below!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Happy Weekend dudes,

Kerry x

Project 365 – Week 1: Photo’s from this week

This morning while I was scrolling through my Twitter feed I saw the #Project365 linky being mentioned. I was pretty ashamed to admit that although I’d seen this project all over blogland last year, I never actually checked it out.

Until today.

I hopped over and found a wealth of happiness within the linky. So… without further ado, here are my photo’s from the week!


Day 1 | Happy New Year!

We had friends around for New Years Eve and whipped up a quick photo booth with these printable props and a roll of wrapping paper for a backdrop. It was lots of fun and the kids totally loved messing around in there.


Day 2 | Cosy

Niamh took this photo while we were cosied up round the fire. Flipping good shot for a moody teen!


Day 3 | Canals

We took a wander round a local canal and found lots of lovely canal boats to check out. Some were decorated for Christmas,  some had veggie patches on top and nearly all of them had a bicycle on top too 🙂


Day 4 | More Walking!

We took a brisk walk up the White Horse in our new Xmas wellies – We’re determined to get good use out of these so we’re fitter, healthier and more adventurous by dragging the kids out for a stomp around our local parks.

And that’s a wrap! Link up your photo’s in the Linky below over at the lovely The Boy and Me’s blog.

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

Happy Sunday!