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The Weekend Post – #1

My weekend in pictures. A bit of partying. A LOT of painting and sanding πŸ™‚

Probably the best selfie I’ve ever taken


I jumped on the Primark tshirt bandwagon and busted out this bad boy. Yip, not much I love more than wifi πŸ™‚


Oh presents in the mail… how I love thee! I joined the #stationeryswaptastic swap organised by Innocent Charms Chats. Β The awesome Vikki from Love From Mummy sent me these gorgeous gifts to feed my stationery addiction – you ROCK sweets!


On Sunday we went to my friend’s little boys birthday tea – he turned 5 and is obsessed with all things Belle. Bless him. Although it’s debatable as whether this is Belle on the cake or a drag queen. haha!



Sunday night = snack night, especially now the new series Home Fires has started! Dave really should be the cook in our house, he whips up stuff like this out of nothing. Love that boy.


Our decking is coming along and yesterday we whipped up our benches out of the pallets we have left. It took me most of the day to sand those bad boys – now to paint and decorate… all the fun stuff! I’ve got more posts coming on how we did this if you’re interested.


As we’re eating healthy, I decided to give a recipe in the Essentials magazine a go. It’s a vegetarian salad of butternut, sweet potato, beetroot, rocket, pomegrantate seeds and a delicious nutty dressing. YUMSVILLE.



So that’s what we got up to this Bank Holiday weekend, pretty chilled.. lots of food and diy. Pretty good weekend all in all. What have you guys been up to?

I captured some of this in my weekly vlog this week – here it is if you have 30 mins to chill out and look at my awful hair.

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Skinny Jeans, Bake Fail & Pink Parcel lovin’ – #littleloves

Some of my #littleloves from this past week – linking up with the awesome ButWhyMummyWhy πŸ™‚


I’m busy reading Gone Girl. I’m REALLY struggling to get into it though.. it received raving reviews but I literally cannot get past page 10. Apparently I have to read it before I see the film though so I’m ploughing through it!


We finally finished Homeland… what the HELL was that ending all about?! GUTTED. Apart from that I haven’t watched much tv or even a lot on YouTube. We did manage to watch First Dates though and the older couple really touched my heart.


We went out a LOT last weekend. We can literally go months without a night out and then everything seems to happen on one weekend. I was out with work Friday night for a curry and then my darling sister came down for the weekend so we went out for a meal and drinks with friends. It was a fab weekend and absolutely needed by us all. I managed to fit into my skinny jeans while seriously sucking in and unable to breathe but I still GOT THEM ON! Boom!Β Skinny_Jeans


I’ve been introduced to the James Bay album and I love love love it! This song has probably been overplayed but it’s still awesome πŸ™‚


I’m a terrible baker. Like the worst in the world. I just don’t have the patience for it. However I CAN whip up these awesome Bran Muffins in less than 5 minutes and they are Super delish. The recipe is on my blog Here – so flipping scrummy! The mixture keeps for 30 days in an airtight container in the fridge so you can bake as required or bake and freeze. Perfecto.

Bran_MuffinAnd Lastly

I’m still vlogging away and found this cool little company called ‘Pink Parcel’ It’s basically a monthly subscription box that is delivered to you around the time your ‘Aunty Flo’ comes to visit and it’s filled with essentials and treats. I loved it so much I decided to blab about it in this video

And that’s me done for the week! Click the badge below for more #littleloves from around blogland. Have an awesome weekend!

Kerry x