These are the good old days… #Littleloves

What better way to launch back into blogging for good than to join up with Morgana’s lovely linky: ‘Little Loves’ – it’s the perfect Catch-up-with-me post. So here are some of my Little Loves from this past week:


These are the good old days.  I saw this online this week and the words struck a chord with me.  So often we are rushing around doing day-to-day stuff that we forget to notice the present.  There’s a whole wave of ‘mindfulness’ and soul-searching happening in the world at the moment as people come to realise this more and more.  I’m printing this baby out for the wall.

good old days


McDonalds France has created this amazing video – turning people into emoji’s.  I’m an emoji lover and this video filled me with happiness. Ha!


I’m a 90’s chick.  When I spotted this CD in POUNDLAND of all places I couldn’t resist the urge to buy it for my car.  I spend a lot of time taxi-ing the girls about so they will be THRILLED to get swap Alanis Morisette for these legendary tunes.  🙂 ‘The Sign’, ‘Sweets for my Sweet’, ‘Saturday Night’ …. awww yeah!



Slight cheat… I haven’t actually made anything out of these…….. yet. But I spotted these in Lidl at 99p for 3 and the stationery geek in me squealed with joy!   I’m planning to make lots. Or just stare at them all day. They’re full of happy aren’t they?



Again, another slight cheat… I ‘wore’ this Snapchat filter and cracked a laugh from my moody teen (yip, that’s her in the background… oh I am wearing her new scarf too… so double whammy) Oh snapchat I heart you.  Add me if you’re a snapper! Kerry1231


And Lastly..

Not to keep banging on about it.. but yes, I’ve had a slight tweak to this blog.  I’ve had mixed reactions to the change… people seemed to like ‘The Lovebump’ so I’m having little panics that I’ve made the wrong choice.  I just felt my readers and potential new readers didn’t really know the meaning of Lovebump and assumed me to be pregnant or porn. Ha! Kez Online encompasses everything in my world from kids to food to fitness to entrepreneurship to travel to social media to fun… all the stuff in my life.  I know people don’t like change, heck I’m the biggest culprit of that, but this is a positive one… stick with me here.

Have a great week my lovelies!

Kez x

8 thoughts on “These are the good old days… #Littleloves

  1. EmilyandIndiana

    I can’t decide if I enjoyed that video or found it creepy haha. Either way it’s pretty clever! That snapchat picture made me laugh too, I spend ages with my little one pulling funny faces xx

    1. Kerry Lovebump Post author

      haha! I know.. I thought that too at first, but then realised how they used such appropriate faces for each character and I thought it was fab. Ah the kids love it don’t they, my teen was literally wetting herself! Thanks for stopping by, Kerry x

  2. Morgana

    Loving the new look and name!
    I don’t even need to listen to that Cd to be transported back, where has the time gone??!
    That washi tape is fab! We’ve got a Lidl near us but I’ve never been, think I might need to pop in xx

    1. Kerry Lovebump Post author

      Aw thanks hun, nice to hear some positivity around the name! I’m still changing everything over, it’s a slow process! Ah you need to pop in to good old Lidl, Aldi is pretty good too, stuff moves quick so you have to just pop in and see what’s in at the time 🙂 x

  3. Anna-Marie

    O’Lordy the washi tape is lovely! I’m a slight washi tape addict!! I like the new blog! It’s fresh.. Good old 90s music has to be the best for in car listening! Have a lovely weekend xx

  4. Mum Reinvented

    I think the name’s fab. You’re right, the word bump automatically makes you think of a pregnancy. That album sounds right up my street. I do love reminiscing and old music sure takes you back doesn’t it. Love the washi tape, it’s definitely very happy. I quite fancied getting some to put all my pics on the wall in my office instead of frames but wasn’t sure if it’d have all my paint off the walls if I took them down.

    Have a great week x

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